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Aluminium Féron – Magnetic Board Foil


Aluminium Féron – Magnetic Board Foil

Easy to use in every days life

Facts at a glance:

* 100 µm thickness
* Primer on both sides
* Different types of Primer available:
* Especially designed for individual application, such as HPL, CPL or LPL
* Working with melamine impregnated papers and phenolic papers
* Free choice of face-decor
* Manufacturing as sheets up to 1250 mm width

Product scheme

The Magnetic Board Foil of Féron is a well known product to the market for High Pressure Lamination

In order to respond to the demand of Low Pressure Lamination Industry, Féron tested the use of its Magnetic Board Foil in its laboratory by simulating the conditions of low pressure lamination.

The tests went out with positive results. Adhesion was good.

The final product does have the desired properties of Magnetic Boards.

The Magnetic Board foil of Féron is designed with relatively low weight in order to keep the weight of the final product in an acceptable range.

Magnetic Board can be produced by laminating the Magnetic Board Foils directly to the wood based panel.

Inserco will be pleased to help you using Magnetic Board Foil in your own production and to give additional value to your Melamine faced boards.

Please contact us for further discussions.

It will be our pleasure to develop your individual parameters applicable for your material and conditions.

Aluminium Féron – Magnetic Board Foil

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