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Protect yourself against fire and explosion hazards with the 120 BRANA Scheuch System

Since 2002 it has been authorized by the Professional testing institute Company "Madeira", where Scheuch systems received the "Atex" recommendations.

Scheuch provides users with the maximum safety protection against fire and explosions. Workplace safety operation.

Beyond the explosion protection, fire protection is increasingly important in the "Filters" division, Scheuch also gave more importance to this issue. Scheuch can present a security solution in all aspects at a reasonable cost. Without physical having to separate the filter from the building, the two are part of an increased risk of fire due to the high firepower of the filter.

In the placement of outdoors return air filters, one must take precautions against the following risks:

  • • Expansion of fire by radiation to the building.
  • • Introduction of a fire in a building doe to exhausts inside the building.
  • • Return of fires thru air pipes into the building.
  • • Smoke re-entries doe to air tubes.

  • Fire spread through the filter to nearby buildings can be avoided by:
  • • Protection measures in the filter
  • • Protection measures in near buildings


These precautions may be at a sufficient distance from the filter to the outer wall of the building and / or the use of fireproof material on the outside wall.

Sufficient distance between a mounted outdoor filter and a nearby building wall, available in the following versions:

Scenario 1:

Filter with ≥ 10 m distance before the outer walls with flammable material.

The pipes must be equipped with fire protection systems - retaining caps (blocking). These can be installed in the outer wall (EI90) or the filter area (EW90).

Scenario 2:

Filter with ≥ 5 m distance before the outer walls with fire resistant material.

The pipe must be equipped with fire protection systems - retaining caps (blocks). These can be installed on the outer wall (EI90) or in the filter area (EW90).

Filter with distance between 1 m up to a maximum of 5 m before the outer walls with fire resistant material.

Filters installed at a distance of less than 1 m to a building wall, requiring the use of fire proof material in the walls of these (F90 - DIN 4102-2 respectively EI90/EI90 - EN 13051-2), including a 5 m distance security to the side. The pipe must be equipped with fire protection systems (locks) for the standard "fire resistance" EI90 on the outside wall. The openings should be avoided in the area of ​​security.

Scenario 3:

Fire protection concept "Brana 120" Scheuch, tested.

Usually, it is difficult to keep a large distance between the filter and the outer wall of the building of ≥ 10 that correspond to 5 m and the cost of using fire-resistant material is too high, Scheuch has developed a fire protection system with the name "Brana 120".

If the required separation distance of ≥ 5 m (Figure 2) cannot be reached, the following solution is possible:

Filter distance of ≥ 1 m in front of walls and fire resistant nonflammable material.

A distance of 5m can be reduced to 1m with the following conditions:

The exhaust pipe is being for safety reasons to avoid explosions; they are equipped with locking lids (Dumper). These caps may correspond, depending on the construction, the standard for fire resistance in exhaust EW90 with the exhaustion off.
Rotating valves to discharge the filter system can match standard fire resistance EW90. The requirement for heat insulation in case of fire (EI90) is ascertainable in a defined distance (1m after the rotary valve).


Return air pipes

Caps lock on the filters must meet the fire resistance standard EW90. In addition, you need to install in the return air sensors for the detection of sparks and explosions, to be approved by an independent institution.

All related requirements are met in each Scheuch facilities with the "BRANA 120" and offers the user a high security.

The user is in the application of this solution at relatively little cost, this applies to new lines and old Scheuch lines.

The limited space in this compact solution, such as the elimination of additional protective measures (fireproof wall, etc.) And likely reductions in premium fires are the main advantages of this system. This concept is Scheuch safeties approved in practice and are available immediately and without alternatives.

Ilustración: Concepto de seguridad “BRANA120”.


Fire System "BRANA 120" in practice.

Mounting it in a MDF line for a company “Duratex” in Brazil was necessary due to space limitations, installing a filter on the inner side of the line. As already mentioned that normally keeping greater distances protection and ensure the safety of people and facilities.

Through the Scheuch concept of innovation, you can install the filter right next to the line and free internal traffic.

Illustration: the application of the "BRANA 120" from Scheuch protects from fire and explotions

A great advantage of the solution Scheuch is the replacement of "risk analysis" by an expert, which can be done along with the signature INBUREX Consulting. Documentation for protection against the danger of explosion, the award of this test is valid.

In compliance with these guidelines, mainly organizing measures are easy to apply; the user of the system is legal certainty.

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