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Camera system with high resolution, guaranteeing the quality of production and products.

Baumer Inspection systems for automatic optical inspection are successfully installed worldwide in industry madeira plates and furniture. With over 300 equipment installed. Baumer is leading by a wide margin, Baumer systems detect minimal defects and help to the ongoing analysis of the inspection data, optimize production and avoid waste.
The ColourBrain ® camera systems are becoming more standardized in sheet metal pressing lines, painting and furniture production.

1. Solutions for surface inspection

The basic principle of each Baumer inspection system is modular with various camera systems. A product that is defined primarily by aesthetic, as floors or furniture elements can only be examined by cameras that have the hability to assess the full color surfaces can cover different angles of view of the customer.    


Figura 1: Colour modular inspection system Brain ®

System Inspection ColourBrain ® presses are installed after the low pressure control (BP) and plaques to the furniture industry with a width of 2100 mm, the presence of damage or malfunction in the pressing process. This control is performed at speeds up to 100 m / min unilateral or on both sides simultaneously.

After recognition of the plate surface by CourBrain ® chambers, the design defects or surface damage was evaluated by size and automatically deciding the grade. ColouBrain ® Guarantee for 24 hours and 7 days a week, with a classification criterion documented and standardized quality and flawless qualified unnecessarily exaggerated.

Camera systems ColourBrain ® in furniture industry high pollution controls the brightness elements by dust coated parts foiled by folds or bubbles and how each individual item of furniture in the stage of completion of coating damage and failures.

Figura 2: Sistema de Inspeção da Baumer na Linha Revestimento de Sonar/Glunz em Besko

2. High precision compact cameras

ColourBrain Edge ® systems are installed directly on the machine to control the machine from the corners and edges of pieces of furniture and floors coated lacquered bezel. The compact color-Edge Brain ® can be integrated into every line borders and has an interface to the machine control, allowing adjustment of automatic camera system for each product modification.

The cylinder heads lamps ColourBrain Edge ® cameras are high-intensity lighting and LED has different angles, allowing even speeds up to 150m/min. Where each defect in the edge is detected from any viewing angle.

Today there are over 100 units with Edge ® Colour Brain, the system working successfully in the industry of furniture and plants in the world.

Figura 3: Instalación de sistema de camara ColourBrain EDGE en la máquina de bordes en la Nobilia – Alemania.

3. Automatic repair of solid wood boards:

The new zone in the area Baumer detects scanner with 3 different camera modules, all the defects such as knots, cracks or pieces of bark on the surface of the plywood or multileaf.

The ColourBrain PuttyScanner ® automatically prepares the surface of the map with a description of the position and defect classification. This data is transmitted to a gantry machining and define the movement of the milling tools for cleaning waste and bark tools defects.

The system has a modular design that allows the attendance of specific customer criteria.
Modules for different types of wood repairs masses 1 or 2 components, the use of studs / blades for repairing different techniques and handling can be combined to achieve a specific and optimal installation according to customer needs.

For a plate size 1,300 mm x 2,650 mm with ability to repair the line automatically, is 400 sheets / h to 25,000 defects / turn. Arauco in Chile replaces hand kneading 5 lines of two units having a capacity of 350,000 m3 per year.

Today we have several lines of repair bushings / blades or with the appropriate mass 1-2 components successfully in Finland, Austria and South America.

Build4:  Scanner para Chapas de compensado na linha automatica da Arauco.

4. Summary and future outlook:

Modular systems and automatic cameras are used today in industries floor, furniture and sheet manufacturing to classify products according to quality standards and manufacturing processes.

Baumer provided for each stage of production several cameras adapted to be integrated simple and quick.

More than 350 systems prove the stability and reliability.
Baumer constantly working on the development of systems according to the needs of customers and already has the ability to store and analyze all the leg optimize production data permanently.

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