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Inserco presents to your administrator in Sao Paulo: Jefferson Jacob Pinheiro da Rocha

Time of company: 13 years

Trajectory at Inserco: Jefferson's career at Inserco commenced in May 2001, almost at the inception of the company in Brazil. He initially started as a sales assistant and worked directly with the former representative, Mr. Nikolaus Reisky. He experienced firsthand all the changes and developments at Inserco in Brazil. In 2010, with the founding of Inserco Industrial Services Ltda; he was appointed as the head of sales as well as the administrator of the Jundiaí office, in the State of São Paulo. Personal profile: Jefferson is a Business Administration graduate from (institution). He is a native of Belém do Pará but currently lives in Jundiaí. In his spare time he reads, listens to music, and enjoys watching movies. He is a playwright and has written a number of works for theatre and film.

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