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The 10 points Hueck, who will make a difference in your business

1) Hueck products stand for durable quality. To guarantee this ongoing quality it´s important for Hueck to use the best raw material available for its press plates. The quality AISI 630 allows due of it´s composite an accurate execution in structure processing and also a riskless future refurbishment if for example a change of the existing structure is wished. But surely an elaboration on AISI 410 is possible if wished by our customers but not the standard at Hueck.

2) Of course Hueck is part of the Quality Managment in form of the certificates DIN EN ISO 9001 and - 14001. Also the in- process inspections in different steps of production are essential for the strongly quality of Hueck

3) For every structure that is developed at Hueck a unique labplate is elaborated. This labplate is used as matriz for any production plate in the future. This guarantees the same apperiance , not only visual but also in hapticness because of the same production parameters for deepness and glosslevel as the primary elaboration was done.

4) Hueck nowadays has over 13.000 structures in his pool of designs, which can be used as basic for a new development or even may be achieved.

5) The created structures by Hueck live by their smooth touch. For this reason Hueck uses in the polishing production step as only manufacturer of pressplates an electrical process that allows a grinding in the deepest points of the structure which afterwards are the peaks on the final product, This effect is not given by using a mechanical polish brush which lets appear the structure edgy in his apperiance and touch.

6) Steady research and development is one of the pillars that make Hueck leader in this special product area. This includes not only research in new structures and processes but also in elaborating techniques. So was Hueck the first to launch in the industry structures with 3 and also 4 different glosslevels in one structure which allows to copy the apperiance of the nature 1:1. This elaborations are patented by Hueck under the brand of Stratochrom ( 3 glosslevels) and Variochrom ( 4 glosslevels).

7) Also the last tecnical investment of Hueck, a new high standard laboratory press, allows to simulate the circumstances given at our customer industrial presses. This guarantees a liable and truly test and approbation of a choosen texture at the customer´s site.

8) The own inhouse Design department allows a steady attention and quick response to the customer if during a mutual structure development process changes are wished

9) Representations worldwide, as in LatinAmerica the Inserco GmbH, guarantees a quick and steady attention to the customer.

10) The one package solution of Pressplates and Presspads plus the knowledgement of our specialists in both fields create an unique synergy for the advantage of our customers.

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