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Results For Mobile at the Fair 2014

From the 29th of July until the 1st of August 2014, Sao Paulo hosted the 6thedition of the FORMOBILE Fair, which takes place every 2 years. The fair is the largest of its kind in all Latin America for the wood and furniture industry.

In this fair, INSERCO brought together some of the most important and renown producers and providers of industrial machinery and equipment together with the leading wood based panel producers as well as furniture producers in Latin America in one stand.

Maintaining with tradition, INSERCO Industrie Service GmbH, participated in this important fair bringing important European companies under the same roof as Baumer, Deurowood, Dieffenbacher, Féron, Hueck, Saueressig, Vits and Wemhöner.

In Addition, INSERCO hosted the first ever symposium on Innovation called VANGUARTEC, the first of its kind in the Formobile Fair, presenting the latest in technology for the industry, with highly regarded professionals from each company explaining new and innovative products and processes to better the clients production.

If you are interested and wish to receive the content of the conferences please let us know and we will send a DVD with all the information of the FORMOBILE fair and the symposium, please write us to:

These are some of the pictures captured during the FORMOBILE fair.

Gallery of photos of the entire event:


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