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KELZENBERG + CO & Carl KRAFFT &Söhne – The leading manufacturer for the big drums in continuous presses

Back in 1970 the first really big drums for a roller-press (today known as “Mende” or “AUMA”) were manufactured and the company to design and produce these items was KELZENBERG + CO, Düren, Germany.

In the following decades the Roller Press was sold very successfully. The main OEM supplier for the core components for these presses, the central heating drum and the associated press nip and guide rolls was KELZENBERG + CO, a specialist for big rollers. KELZENBERG furnished over time more than one hundred presses with the appropriate rolls.

Today the enterprise is a subsidiary company of Carl KRAFFT &Söhne, which is a roller specialist situated in Germany as well. It is most likely that this group combines one of the biggest scope of know how in the world to build any kind of drum or roller as used in the different kinds of continuous presses. This know-how war transferred into state of the art design to improve the capabilities of the rollers in regards of reliability, heat transfer and efficiency.

The load of the drums is determined on the basis of a finite elements calculation and an appropriate layout of the roll design can be made. Dimensions for the wall thickness, the shape and diameter of the shafts and the requirements for any welds can be determined this way and allow a reliable construction.

Companies who operate continuous presses have to be aware that the installed drums are subject of wear and weariness, at least after quite some years of operation. The lines are usually not designed for a quick exchange of the drums and in case of a breakdown the lead time for a new drum would be at least some months. As a worst case impact the related losses will be huge. Like in other industries, the topic of preventive maintenance or spare part storage should be strongly considered.

For replacement rollers optimised drums with the latest up-to-date reliable design at competitive rates can be quoted from now on by Inserco Industries Service GmbH, as both companies decided to join expertise, market knowledge and customer proximity in order to offer the best possible service to Latin-American customers.

Product Segments

• KRAFFT Rollers – KRAFFT Walzen - The Experts in Rollers
   • Rollers
   • Roller systems
   • Service for rollers

• KRAFFT Turning Technologies - Our World turns Round
   • Axisymmetric components for application in machinery and plant engineering
   • Shafts and transmission components
   • Drums for cranes and lifters

• KRAFFT Engineering - Ideas need Concepts
   • Retrofitting of machinery and plants
   • Project management
   • Network of Specialist

• KRAFFT Services - KRAFFT means Power
   • Maintenance service
   • Assembly and Installation service
   • Transport service

KRAFFT Rollers

   • Materials
      • Steel
      • stainless steel
      • Aluminium and
      • Composites

   • Coatings
      • Chrome
      • Elastomer
      • Spray
      • Ceramic

   • For processes like
      • Heating
      • Cooling
      • Pressing

KRAFFT Roller – Service

   • A full service
      • From transport to re- fitting
      • Independent service team
      • Assessment and offer

   • Repair and overhaul
      • Turn of bales
      • Grinding of bales
      • Renew cover
      • Peg exchange
      • Bearing Check / replace
      • Balancing control

   • Balancing
      • Balancing for enhanced and optimized speed
      • KRAFFT is one of the pioneers in balancing since 30 years

KRAFFT Engineering – Projecting

   • Projecting out of one hand

   • Project- and Engineering competence for retro fitment of
      • Drying section
      • Rope guiding
      • Drives and
      • Reeling
      • Preventive maintenance

   • Repair and overhaul

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