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Press release

Eucalyptus, Straw, Recycled Wood
Plant Concepts for Alternate Raw Materials

Hanover, May 11 2015 — Dieffenbacher presents plant concepts and projects for fast-growing and alternate raw materials such as bamboo, paulownia, bagasse, straw, or recycled wood at LIGNA 2015. In this way, the plant manufacturer is reacting to the constantly growing demand for machine technology designed to process these special raw materials.

Fast-Growing Wood Species

Efficiency is vital, and not only for the operators of wood-based panel plants. The forestry sector is also looking for ways to improve the annual cubic-meter-per-hectare growth on new plantations. They differ greatly depending on the wood species and region. In South America, we can see that more eucalyptus is being planted than pine. Eucalyptus is ready for harvesting after around only ten years. Another trend is the cultivation of extremely light woods such as paulownia. This fast-growing and extremely light wood is primarily used for lightweight panels.

Annual Plants

In some regions, annual plants can be a cheaper alternative to wood. Environmental policy requirements provide further reasons. One example of such a project is our exclusive cooperation with the Chinese chemical company Wanhua. In this project, boards will be produced using straw that can no longer be burned on the fields after harvest due to government guidelines.

Recycled Wood

The use of waste wood has been a topic of interest within the wood-based panels industry for quite some time. Dieffenbacher provides reliable and powerful machines in the areas of size reduction, sorting and cleaning. The plant manufacturer has now gone one step further and is packaging its entire know-how concerning waste wood processing into a new recycling division. The aim is to develop new application areas within and outside of the wood-based panel industry. A recently developed concept from the new department is the production of wood dust from dry wood chips for combustion in power plants to replace more expensive natural gas. Several panel producers already employ this alternative concept for using recycled wood and internal waste.


The Best of Both Worlds – the New Dieffenbacher CPS+ Press

Hanover, Mai 11 2015 – Dieffenbacher has over 25 years of experience in the construction of continuous presses with its CPS. The ContiPlus press manufactured by subsidiary SWPM in Shanghai adds a further 15 years of experience. The Dieffenbacher Group has had success on the market with both press systems. Both systems are used in all regions around world. Altogether, around two hundred presses have been built and put into operation.

Some features of their design differ, but they are united by essential factors – both press systems deliver on their promise to the panel producer: reliable and efficient production of high-quality wood-based panels. Dieffenbacher engineers are now using the experience gained from CPS and ContiPlus to develop the new CPS+. The CPS+ combines the best mechanical design features of both previous press systems to create a unique press design with further improved properties.

Dieffenbacher has achieved its 2014 sales targets

Dieffenbacher has achieved its targets for new orders and sales and continues to set new benchmarks with the CPS+ continuous press

Hanover, May 11, 2015 — In the 2014 fiscal year which just ended, Dieffenbacher received orders amounting to 410 million euro. Orders within the group amount to over 800 million euro, ensuring stable utilization in all important business areas far beyond 2015. Compared to the 2013 fiscal year, sales rose by almost 70 million euro to 469 million euro. The equity ratio has continued to improve and is now above 30%.

Order Situation

During the 2014 fiscal year, ten orders for wood-based panel plants were completed in the Wood-Based Panel division — eight MDF plants, one OSB plant, and one particle board plant. We can also report that 2015 had a very positive start. Five new orders have been announced to date — one particle board plant in Thailand, three MDF plants at our locations in Brazil, China and West Asia, and one OSB plant for a customer in North America. 

New Development for the Continuous Press

In the last twelve months, development activities have been focused on the further development of our core product, the continuous press. The CPS+ combines two successful and proven concepts—CPS and ContiPlus—in a new, significantly improved press design. The performance and precision of the CPS+ will be further increased to make production of wood-based panels even more economical. In addition, ease of maintenance and operating comfort will also be improved. 

We are convinced that these developments are breaking new ground for the industry. The new CPS will be presented to the public for the first time at LIGNA+ 2015 and we are pleased to announce that the first CPS+ was sold to a well-known customer in Asia shortly before the trade fair. An agreement to this effect was signed in April.

Mass Production Technology for Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Components

There is also good news from our second division, the Composites Business Unit. The demand for our mass production technologies for fiber-reinforced plastics for the international automotive industry continues to increase. As a result, we have also been successful not only with orders for presses, but also for completely automated production lines in the field of glass and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics, as well as hybrid technology in Europe, North America and Asia.

As part of a major contract, we provided seven production lines for wet molding and hybrid technology to the car manufacturer BMW. This ultra-modern equipment will produce carbon fiber components for the new BMW 7 series, which will go on sale in autumn 2015. The order for a modern manufacturing line installation by a Chinese-US joint venture for the production of carbon fibers and technical thermoplastics with high melting points is another milestone, which will help us to develop our strong market position in China. 


Based on the order projections, we expect a further 10% increase in the Group's total sales for the 2015 fiscal year. This will be the first time in the company's history that sales by Dieffenbacher exceeds 500 million euro. 

Metro-Ply Group from Thailand Orders New Dieffenbacher CPS+ Press

Hanover, May 11 2015 — At the end of April 2015, the largest wood-based panel manufacturer in Thailand awarded the core package of a particle board plant to Dieffenbacher. The scope of supply includes the forming line including air spreading system with roller deck for surface layers, the new CPS+ 265–40.5 press as well as parts of the finishing line and exterior area. The new CPS+ combines proven technology such as the double hinge infeed, the Parallel Press Gap System for optimum press gaps and a modular frame construction for easy installation with new design features. All this makes the CPS+ the most powerful press with the best production tolerances ever produced by Dieffenbacher. Metro-Ply was quickly convinced of the benefits of the CPS+ and was the first to order the new press model. "We are proud to launch the new generation of our successful CPS model in collaboration with Metro", said Holger Ries (South-East Asia Sales) and Christian Dieffenbacher (Head of the Wood Business Unit) during the signing of the contract.


Signing the contract: Christian Dieffenbacher (front right) and Holger Ries (back right)

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