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Project Services at INSERCO

In addition to our after sales support, at INSERCO, we assist our customers in the development and implementation of projects. We base our services on a market-related, technological and budgetary framework, which is individually created with each investor. In order to offer the best solutions, our company cooperates with technology leaders in Germany and worldwide.

We accompany our customers throughout several stages of any project, from designing to delivering and commissioning of new or used machines in already existing plants, as well as for setting up a complete new plant. Our team of professionals follows through the planning phase, the financing process and the plant assembly and the after sales support. Our worldwide network of partners in the wood processing industry has been continuously growing in the past thirty years and it helps us find the best suitable solution for each of our customers’ needs. 

Furthermore, INSERCO´s employees receive regular in-house training sessions in the technical field, and in project financing solutions to meet the growing market demands, thus we can guarantee our customers the best possible support. Our highly trained technical staff in Germany and the Americas acts as close liaison to our customers and advises our partners throughout the entire process. INSERCO will bring many years of experience to your project, based on extensive new and modernization investments. With our help, in particular in critical project stages, our customers will quickly find solutions that suit their needs. We are proud to emphasize the multicultural background of our team, which results in a wealth of knowledge in different cultures and languages.

INSERCO's extensive experience in the wood industry has a growing significance, especially among investors who are new to this field.


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