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Cermat Srl

Cermat is one of the leading companies specializing in building, rebuilding and manufacturing antiwear coatings for machine parts subject to strong wear, abrasion and corrosion.

The company is also equipped to carry out all types of mechanical work following the coating process, even on large scale parts.

The company was founded in Venice in 1972. The current general manager is Jacopo Cerioli. Cermat and INSERCO clients are always made to feel unique. They have at their disposal a top-level research and development team, specialist consultancy whenever they need it, plus assistance and prompt responses to their every need.

For years, Cermat has been oriented towards researching new technologies and procedures in order to improve the features of antiwear coatings.

Cermat restores, reconditions and repairs any damage found on plants that require a revision. The process involves disassembling and replacing damaged or worn-out parts, by either refurbishing them or manufacturing new components according to the specific design of the equipment.

The overhaul cost is on average 40% lower than buying a new machine

Cermat specializes in:

  • • Overhauling of complete refiner
  • • Overhauling of drop-units
  • • Overhauling of complete rotary valves
  • • Ventilator with anti-wear coating
  • • Recondition complete drum chipper
  • • Complete screw feeder
  • • Increase the capacity and compression ratio of the screw feeder
  • • Wear-resistent plate

For the following industries:

  • • Timber industries
  • • Paper mills
  • • Thermoelectric power
  • • Tiles manufactures
  • • Recycling industries
  • • Aeronaval industries
  • • Steel Industries

The company operates under UNI EN ISO 9002 standards.
Companies from all over the world, such as Kronospan, Egger, Finsa, CMC, Imal, trust and rely on the excellent service Cermat delivers.

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