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IMEAS - Sanding lines and integrated solutions

For almost 50 years IMEAS has been producing wood-based panels sanding machines and surface finishing machines for stainless steel and other materials. With over 1900 machines delivered all over the world, we are proud to inform that the first sanding machine that we manufactured is still operating.

IMEAS and INSERCO have been connected with each other through a strong and professional partnership for almost 25 years. Together, we are able to offer our customers a combination of a strong and local based service as well as a network of offices in most Latin American countries, by using INSERCO’s subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. Our mission is clear: to deliver a high quality product, and to offer our customers access to a full range of services to not only state-of-the-art technology but also to proven innovations and solutions such as the Full Control System (FCS).


In the last years our customers have been experiencing a challenge, which was not present in the past. Formerly, operators used to remain in the company from the beginning to the end of their working life. That way, they acquired a great deal of experience in the production process as well as the operation of the machines.

Nowadays, the employee turnover has increased significantly and companies need to train new operators more frequently. Thus, the newly hired machinists have to quickly learn how to operate the equipment. And at the same time, the machines must be able to work as independently as possible, regardless of the operator’s skills.

IMEAS came up with an innovative solution to this challenge for its customers: the FCS™ (Full Control System).



Any change in a product feature (like thickness or quality) requires an adjustment of the sanding heads. On an 8-head-line machine, this adjustment, if done manually, takes about 16 minutes. With the FCS™ this operation takes just a few seconds since the heads can all be repositioned at the same time. Thus, saving time required for the set-up by up to 90%.


In the past, after processing a certain number of panels, the operator had to fine tune each head of the sanding band in order to compensate for the belt consumption, and to keep the tolerance of the final panel. With the FCS TM this information is saved in the sanding machine’s memory and the fine-tuning takes place when necessary without the operator’s intervention. Therefore the operator does not have to be an expert.

The FCS™ can be retrofitted on installed machines.

With this system all the adjustments previously made by the operators, are now controlled by servomotors and by an external control station. Thanks to FCS a machine can start or stop a complete sanding line by pushing one button. The FCS TM enables operators to control the machine´s feeding speed, the thickness of the panel, to fine tune the contact rolls and platens, and to automatically set up the sanding parameters (for example, the adjustment required according to the abrasive belt consumption). The system also facilitates monitoring the actual status of the complete line (e.g. motors ´consumption, abrasive belt position, number of panels produced) and controlling maintenance parameters, and online help, as well as the main bearing temperature, among other features.

A single worker, located at a remote control room, can monitor and operate the complete line with an easy-to-use graphic interface.

FCS™ also enables establishing a password-protected control of the machine, featuring different levels of access to adjust its configuration, thus protecting the machine.

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