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Oskar Nolte GmbH - High-performance wood coating systems

Is a successful leading manufacturer of high-performance wood coating systems for the furniture industry.

In 1959, Oskar Nolte founded the company in the small town of Kirchlengern. He started his career with the production of simple’s mixtures of organic solvents and nitrocellulose paints for the local furniture industry.

In 2015 Nolte acquired the permit to operate with a third shift thus increasing its production capacity to up to 33000 t/a.

In 2014, more than 190 million square meters of plain, mostly wooden, substrates were upgraded with Nolte-products worldwide.

For more than two decades, Oskar Nolte has been at the forefront of developing solvent free coating systems contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. The company‘s philosophy is to add value for its high profile customers through a combination of environmentally friendly products and cost efficient processes.

Our product range includes many different water-based paints, inks and varnishes and UV-Systems and serves following applications:

  • -MDF/HDF –back panels, printed
  • -Particleboards and thick MDF for furniture, printed
  • -High Gloss systems
  • -Finish-foils by acid cured systems, ESH and UV
  • -Flooring (veneer and printed)
  • -Furniture production
  • -Doors and doorskins
  • -Elastic flooring with UV
  • -Ikea concurring systems

Nolte provides technical support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to all customers around the world. Furthermore, Nolte offers individual training sessions for the finishing line-staff of their clients. The employees will receive training in all basic color-matching methods at the testing-facility, which is fully equipped and houses roll coaters, filler machines, UV curing ovens, sanding machinery and printing machines.

In modern, well-equipped labs, Noltes researchers conduct tests on new raw materials, elaborate new recipes and carry out several different types of tests. The R&D-center plays a key role continuously working to improve the quality of the Nolte product range.

Nolte produces only solvent-free products since 1997. Today’s product array is most likely a story of success about implementing state-of-the-art technologies and continuously further developing UV- and waterborne coatings.

Oskar Nolte GmbH and INSERCO also provide technical assistance services in planning the line configurations after a specific evaluation of the client´s needs.

We have been working with all producers of painting lines for many years in a successful relationship.

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