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A revolutionary development in Roll Coating

We managed to find an optimun conbination of all coating parameter, particularly of the spray temperature with a special developed chromium oxide powder.

Refractory material, i.e. chromium oxide and aluminium oxide ceramics, are used best possible by means of the special plasma spray prcedure. The plasma frame is much hotter than in conventional procedures and the dwell time of the spray particles in the flame is much longer. It means that more time remains for thorough melt on of the spray particles.

The results are obvious

- Compact chromium oxide coating with a hardness of Hv 1500 . 1550

- Smoother roll surface; surface roughness is reduced from Ra 0,5 µm to Ra 0,2 µm.


Much more hardness

+Less surface roughness

=Longer roll endurance


Even the decision for a chrome roll modification is no longer a commercial question, it´s rather a question of quality demands.

From now on this new technology will be offered for all metering- and screen-roll. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or for an offer without obligation.


If you are interested please contact us


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