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IMM Cologne 2015

Summary of the current tendencies

IMM Cologne with LivingKitchen


The IMM Cologne proved in 2015 again to be one of the most important events for the international furniture industry world wide.

With the focus of Inserco to the melamine faced wood based panels, it was very interesting to check the trends and tendencies on the interesting LivingKitchen and on the general exhibition from furniture designers.

Cubic forms and pure appearance


The furniture and especially the kitchens of latest trends, show a language of clear lines, cubic forms and pure appearance. Reduction is the element that is used in the majority of cases.

The color of white


White is the most important color, dominating the majority of the creations.

Most of the white surfaces are in matt execution. The focus lays on the language of the body.

The color of white with friends


Wooden elements receive special attention and give a warm feeling to the entire arrangement.

White with light colored wood


Light colored wood maintains the pure style and transforms the cool furniture piece into a living companion.

White with dark elements


The dosage of dark elements, to combine with white, is used rarely. Few come in colored execution.

Stone rocks


The second most important theme on IMM Cologne is the use of Stone.

In many cases stone is used as table top for rustic kitchens.

Living a perfect symbiosis with rustic wooden elements.

Stone is strong


Some exhibitors show exceptional products that attract the eye and require special attention with regard to its extraordinary appearance.

Stone is solid


Some exhibitors show stone not only as a decorative element but as preferred material for complete kitchens and furnitures.

Table tops, bodies and front faces are made from the same material.

Stone is elegant


Whether used as only material, or in combination with other material, stone attracks the eye and gives life to the cubic language of the body.

Stone is calm


Matt surfaces in light and warm colors show a uniform smooth appearance as they do not show any hard contrasts.

Such surfaces are applicable for table tops and front faces at the same time.



Designers prefer to present the natural edges.

Pure Edges


Openly styled edges underline the pureness and elegance of the current design tendendies.

Smooth and soft


Cubic forms and straight lines come exceptionally with soft surfaces that have a velvet touch.

New Innovation


A very interesting work top was made from cement. The surface is covered with a protection layer and is perfectly smooth and close. The cement has some illumination working inside and the whole worktop lightens up in impulses.

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Inserco hopes that the present article gives you an overview over the latest trends and innovations from IMM Cologne 2015.
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