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Wemhöner Surface Technologies





These are the 3 pillars of success of Wemhöner Surface Technologies.


Almost 90 years ago Wemhöner started in the wood based panel industry, the furniture industry and their suppliers. The headquarters are in Germany.

Around 300 employees produce:

Machinery and equipment for value added panel processing.

Design, construction and commissioning of production lines.


Machines and plants from Wemhöner upgrade wood based with:


- Melamine Short Cycle Press Lines

- Wemhöner MasterLine® - Lacquering-, Direct- and Digital Printing Lines

- 3D VARIOPRESS® Equipment with and without membrane

- Coating and Surface Laminating Equipment

- Lightweight Panel Equipment

- Throughfeed Press Lines in single- and multi-daylight automation

- Special Press Plants, Customised Systems, Flattening Presses hot and cold

- Laboratory Presses

- Handling Systems

- Logistic Concepts

Wemhöner creates your surface.

With its extensive expertise in the pressing of wood and wood materials, they started production of systems for

short cycle pressing

40 years ago and continue to develop a standard of technology that is unsurpassed when it comes to Speed, Reliability and Efficiency.

You can depend on that.

Maximum Quality on maximum Surface Area


In the plant of Herford the short cycle press lines are completely designed, constructed and assembled to be ready for production, before being installed and set up at customer’s facilities. This ensures consistent quality worldwide in the technology as well as in production.

The superiority of Wemhöner short cycle press lines can be seen in the quality of the end product and in their flexibility in use with surface and substrate materials. Even when using the maximum pressing area, minimum thickness tolerances are guaranteed across the entire surface of the material being pressed.

EIR embossed in register


Latest development for both sides of the board


The crowning achievement of surface finishing in the area of laminate is the imitation of natural structures through the use of structures pressure boards (synchronous pores). These allow products like imitation wood and tile laminate flooring to appear even more realistic, making them practically indistinguishable from solid materials.

The number of cycles is not reduced.

The customer enjoys full capacity and highest precision with Wemhöner Surface Technologies.

Technical Data



Upgrading of wood based panels preferential with melamine impregnated paper and decor


Laminate flooring and Furniture panels


Pressing area: up to 13 m length / 2,3 m width

Specific pressure: upto 800 N/cm²

You choose:

When assembling components of complete lines, attention is always paid to the requirements of the customer and the products as well as to the conditions at the line’s future location.

From flexible systems for extremely small batch sizes up to high performance laminating lines for the laminate flooring industry, with 250 cycles per hour and specific press of up to 800 N/cm², Wemhöner covers the entire spectrum of performance for melamine short cycle lamination.

A few examples of the application of components that allow greatest flexibility and smooth workflow:

- double sided vacuum feeder for thin boards

- continuous film pallet changeover without loss of cycle time

- film lay up stations with single sheet alignment

- de-stacking systems with protective board handling

- double cooling and caul plate changing station Wemhöner short cycle press lines can also be designed and supplied as integrable stand-alone systems.

60 Wemhöner lines running in Latin America only!!

Permament after-sales-service from Mexico to Brazil.


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