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- 150 years of unique knowledge

Starting in 1868 as Motala presses, in 2016 Sunds Fibertech is born as the result of the below ilustrated split, leading to the corresponding competences:

Sunds´ Service offering – WHB and MDF plants

(over 200 Presses served worldwide)

Service for WHB and MDF plants:

  • Selected upgrades
  • Spare, wear and replacement parts for Multiopening presses WHB; Motala Presses, Sunds Defibrator
  • Spare, wear and replacement parts for pneumatic forming machines for MDF, Pendistor; Sunds Defibrator, ABB Fläkt, Metso
  • Service and maintenance

Selected upgrades and renovations

Examples: Sunds Fibertech Multi opening Press and Pendistor upgrades Motala Press, Sunds Defibrator press

ChainMax™ - Effective cleaning of chain system

Sunds´ unique designed ChainMax™ is the first product on the market to automatically remove the burned oil from the chain links, between the carpet rolls of the Kuster presses. This results in significant savings in consumption of lubricating oil, less energy consumption of the drive rolls and improved lifetime of the chain carpet.

ChainMax™ features:

  • The rotating cleaner moves across the roller carpet
  • The specially designed cleaning teeth removes the chared oil fromthe roller chain links
  • Variable speed onmovement and rotation
  • Programmable cleaning pattern
  • The debris is taken care of in a bin below the ChainMax™ or by a container which moves with the cleaning unit.


  • 100% reduction of chain breaking
  • 30% decrease in oil consumption
  • 50% less energy consumption

Reference comments:

“ We are very happy with the ChainMax installation which has improved the uptime of the Press since the Chain breakage has been eliminated. With the cleaner chains we have also been able to reduce the lubrication oil from 10 l/h to7 l/h an lowered the power consumption on our main drives from 85-90% to 45%.”

- Michael Lennartsson IKEA, Hultsfred Particle board line

Chain carpet cleaning system – ChainMax™


The ChainMax™ consists of a rotating cleaning unit, mounted on a carrier wagon, which travels on a beam, with rails, cross over the width of the press. The cleaning unit, positioned below the beam, is driven by a quadratic shaft – actually a beam of stainless steel with quadratic cross section, driven by an AC - gear motor at the end of the shaft.

With this arrangement the gear box and motor are installed outside the hot environment in the press. The carrier wagon is moved along the beam by a chain, pulled by a programmable step motor – also installed outside the hot environment. The cleaning unit is thus sliding on the drive shaft.

The step motor is programmable to move the carrier wagon the proper positions found to the best for the cleaning efficiency. Gear Motors, frequency controllers, mini –plc, software and operator panel are of SEW brand.

The mechanism has electrical actuators, electronically controlled by the PLC. It makes the adjustment function and accuracy of distances between the roller carpet and cleaning discs. This system makes it easy to operate and move to the "service mode" of the carrier wagon.

The system will have one drive end, at one side of the press, and one service side for maintenance of the waste trench, on the other side of the press.

The components moving inside the press are of simple design, easy to remove or exchange.

In cooperation with Inserco, Sunds is happy to inform the Latinamerican clients and wood-based panel producers about the above mentioned innovations and updates and is looking forward to hearing from you over whatever particular project or inquiry you may have.

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