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The modernization of wood-based panel plants is an ever more important issue for optimizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these plants. For this reason Inserco and Dieffenbacher are working together in a close partnership with their clients to find the most attractive solution available for all the unique situations we have in the market.

One example of this modernization work is the ability to retroactively install the Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system. Depending on the mat thickness, using this system promises a capacity increase of up to 30%!

Heat Generation in the Interior of the Mat

Compared to conventional heating systems, the primary benefit of the Dieffenbacher microwave technology is uniform heating for the entire mat throughout its overall thickness due to homogenous energy distribution. With this technology, the residual moisture of the mat is used to make the water molecules vibrate and thus to ultimately generate heat. Compared with the steam preheating the mat must not be exposed to any additional moisture using the microwave preheating system.

Capacity Increases Even Achieved by Retrofitting

The mat is heated via the Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system upstream of the press infeed. As a result, the pressing process can be shortened on new plants, while the throughput can be increased on existing plants. By retrofitting a microwave preheating system, the capacity of a plant can be increased by up to 30%.

High Quality and Safety Standards as the Benchmark

During the development process, Dieffenbacher focused in particular on the safety of working with microwaves. The excellent quality of the final product always is always a priority at Dieffenbacher, too. Every section of mat is thoroughly inspected within the microwave system to exclude as far as possible the potential for plate fractures at a later point. To guarantee the reliability of the plant, only standard 6 kW magnetrons are installed in the microwave preheating system. Customers who have already installed this system are happy to confirm that they are satisfied with the Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system:

“We already have another system installed at a MDP (PB) plant with the same purpose as the Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system. A few years ago, we were looking for a preheating system to be integrated into our Salto plant in Brazil. Investigations brought us to the conclusion that a Dieffenbacher microwave would be more efficient for the high production output of thick and thin plates than other preheating systems. So far we were able to identify a production increase of 25% since the microwave was installed. The Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system definitely kept its promised capacity increase. We would definitely invest in this technology again.”.

Flavio Paulo Maluf (Eucatex)

Together with Inserco’s network and presence in Latin America, payback-studies can easily be offered to the customers.


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