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From East Westphalia to Ecuador: Veneering technology from KUPER

Plywood industry uses the crossfeed veneer splicer KUPER FWQ 2800

Convincing technology found its way. A prove of this is particularly how well the Heinrich KUPER GmbH & Co. and the INSERCO Industrie Service GmbH work together. The reliable, Zig-Zag veneer splicing machine KUPER FWQ 2800 has been in use in the Ecuadorian plywood industry ever since.

This is logical because the KUPER group of companies has been operating world-wide for years and, as a manufacturer and dealer of wood processing machines, also offers operational planning as well as first class service and custom trainings. This is a service combination trusted by numerous regular customers for years and new customers are already reporting their business success using KUPER technology.

They all profit from the high quality of the woodworking machines, from reliable, used machines and from the packaging technology. Committed to this success are the approximately 220 employees at the company headquarters in Reitberg as well as in the subsidiaries in Freiburg/Breisgau, Korbussen/Thueringen and Berlin.

((pic. KUPER FWQ 2800))

Joint-tight veneers and efficient assembly

The KUPER FWQ 2800 produces a so-called endless sheet or pre-programmed veneer lengths out of rotary and sliced veneer. User-friendly as it is, it guarantees absolutely tight joints as well. With its worldwide unique Zig-Zag gluing system, reliable KUPER technology provides economical and efficient veneer production – with an ideal veneer pattern for flawlessly fashioned surfaces.

The advantages of the crossfeed veneer splicer in its updated design are obvious: With the servo drives and control via touch panel, the KUPER FWQ 2800 is perfect for the production of panels, doors, walls and cabinet sides. And it doesn’t matter if veneers are glued according to patterns or fixed sizes – only one operator at the control panel is required for production.

((pic. KUPER CVX))

Strong bonds for plywood cores

KUPER also relies on new technologies in the area of core composition and presents the specially developed heating system for the extremely strong KUPER wide thread model 7880X.

Plywood cores can now be produced much more economically with the newly equipped KUPER veneer clipper and the KUPER CVX plywood core composing machine. The parallel cut, composition, format cut and stacking all take place in a single production line operated by only one person. Additional advantage: The clipper is ideally combined with the crossfeed veneer splicer KUPER FWQ for the production of veneer faces.

The new veneer clipper, with its precise cutting system and superior line control is the best basis for high-quality joint connections in the plywood core. Its considerably higher performance, compared to usual veneer composition, can be traced back to these efficient properties:

  • Alignment of the veneer strips in throughfeed
    High throughput because the cycle times for alignment and thread turning are eliminated.
  • Specially developed heating system for the glue threads
    As required, the KUPER-XXL glue threads or KUPER round glue threads can be spliced.
  • Variable arrangement of the heaters
    Glue threads can be applied from top or bottom, or also from both sides simultaneously as required.
  • Extremely fast stacking unit
    The new stacking unit can deposit up to 12 veneer layers per minute.

  • INSERCO is working together with Kuper for three decades and can offer customer-specific configurations as new and overhauled machines as well as offering the corresponding spare parts.


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