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Sanding Belts and Grinding Tools - For an excellent finish



In 2009, the 10-year collaboration between Carbo Schröder and Inserco ended, due to the insolvency of our partner. For Inserco it was necessary to find an equally worthy business partner for the future.

After the test phase of numerous abrasives, from a wide variety of manufacturers had been completed, it was found the new partner for Inserco, named Hermes.

Hermes has high-quality grinding tools which guarantee the best results for any application.

The parent factory was founded in the Lurup district of Hamburg in 1927 and has remained the group’s head office to this day.

Hermes now has over 11 production facilities and subsidiaries in 4 continents throughout the world and for decades, has been a world market leader in the production of abrasives.

Sanding Products and their composition:

The two primary aims of conventional sanding processes in the board industry are to sand sheets made of wood materials flat to a uniform thickness and to prepare the surfaces as well as possible for subsequent processing steps.

The ProBoard®- wide belt product family is especially developed for sanding chipboard (MDP) and fiberboard (MDF) and offers exceptional product benefits:

Abrasive grain – Additional to the hard and high-quality silicon carbide grain the chip space geometry, especially adapted to the application, and a modified resin bonding system ensures long tool life and a perfect surface quality.

Backing – Depending to the application, the ProBoard® product family includes special backing types (paper, paper/cloth combination, cloth or stitch bonded cloth) which are completed with optimized belt joint constructions.

Antistatic – The antistatic construction of the backing and bonding systems prevent an electrostatic loading of the belt and a premature clogging with sanding dust.

ProBoard RP 274 Paper-based and clothreinforced wide belt with hard silicon carbide grain for high operational demands and universal us. Can be delivered as segmented wide belt with up to 3.200 mm width.

ProBoard RB 374 92 Z Very tear-resistant cloth-backed polyester wide belt with hard silicon carbide grain for high sanding pressure and high shearing forces during oscillation. Can be delivered as segmented wide belt with up to 3650 mm width.

ProBoard BS 179 Stable antistatic paper-backed wide belt with hard silicon carbide grain and with an even belt running and for a high tear resistance. Especially suitable for fine sanding MDF. Can be delivered as segmented wide belt with up to 3650 mm width.

ProBoard SB 379 92 ZZ Very heavy, highly tear-resistant and stiff stitch-bonded abrasive cloth with hard silicon carbide grain. Can be delivered as segmented wide belt with up to 3650 mm width.


Other Industries:

- Complete Hermes program for finishing stainless steel sheets, coils and plates

- Powerful abrasives specially designed for external cylindrical grinding

- Special abrasives for grinding profiles, curves, corners and edges

- Abrasives especially designed for lacquer sanding on high-end workpieces

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