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What's new at the LIGNA?

BINOS will present new products and production concepts at this year's LIGNA.

- New production line concepts "Ultra Line" and "Ultra Lean"
- "Ultra Line" Combining Ultra Forming and Ultra Pressing approach

- “Ultra Press”
    • With isobaric pressure distribution for the production of homogeneous PVC flooring.
    • Achieves a continuous material composition over the whole product thickness.

- “Ultra Lean”
    • Efficient and small production line concepts.

- “Ultra Scraper” *BINOS latest product development*
    • Optimizes the particleboard production already in the beginning of the spreading process
    • Will be demonstrated at the LIGNA

- BINOS modification and upgrade solutions are always popular due to:
    • Short payback periods (ROI; depends on to be tested at individual conditions at site)
    • Efficiency increase.
    • Product improvement.

Where to find us at the LIGNA: Hall 26, D12

BINOS Ultra Scraper Portfolio

Increase of particleboard quality with less material input.

The BINOS Ultra Scraper is the ideal supplement system to achieve high quality with minimum material input.

The material discharge quantity of the dosing bin within the forming machine can be influenced positively during production via the segmented rakes (Ultra Scraper). The single segments which are connected to swinging brackets can be adjusted over the height. The material discharge quantity of the dosing bin can be adapted over the width depending on the requirements of the quality control. Consequently, deviations of the area weight can be reduced to a minimum. Due to the low area weight deviation the gross density of the board can be reduced which has a positive impact on the material usage.

Depending on the design of the dosing bin the BINOS Scraper is installed after the last rake or instead of the last rake. The swinging brackets are arranged directly next to each other at a framework. The framework is installed transverse to the conveying direction. A height adjustment of the whole framework is not required for most of the dosing bins as the preset discharge material quantity is adjusted by the bottom belt speed.

Manual adjusted Scraper.

Motorized adjusted Scraper.

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