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Seasons Beginning

The year of 2018 started with two important shows. While they were taking place in the country of Germany, they found interest and attention in our worldwide industry.

DOMOTEX – The World of Flooring

In Hannover was taking place the DOMOTEX fair from January 11th to 14th 2018.

DOMOTEX is the world flooring show. With 1615 exhibitors and 45.000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries the year 2018 marked record numbers. The show took place in a new way and received a considerable grow of exhibitors and space.

A rich variety of News has been shown and thanks to the special attention of the organizers to Trends, Inspiration and Innovation, the show did strengthen its position as interior and lifestyle event.

DOMOTEX introduced this year for the first time a show guideline. The theme of the guideline was well set in focus by concentrated exhibition spaces for flooring as well as for living. Young Designers, Artists and Start-ups contributed by showing the results of their works and also by offering visitors the possibility for interaction, discussion and guided tours.

The guideline of the show was UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE and paid tribute to the trend to individualize. A lot of potential for innovation and creativity are laying in the focus of the idea to personalize products and services to the individual needs and requirements of the users and to include their wishes already during development.

The biggest part of the show was dedicated to carpet industry and their designers. Two exhibition halls have been exclusively used for Laminate and Design Flooring. While the well-known and internationally established Laminate Flooring still is of high importance it was yet to notice that Design Flooring and LVT have been introduced in the delivery program of many companies. Well established Flooring producers have enriched their existing delivery program by this interesting Trend and many new companies are contributing to this development by offering their own designs and technical developments.

Also here it could well be noticed that exhibitors not only focused on the aspect of flooring for their products but included entire interior and lifestyle in their individual philosophy of presentation. Some even presented different ways of application and offered to the visitors to experience it by themselves.

DOMOTEX 2018 was a very attractive event that focused on the individual person. It responded to the wishes of the customers and offered the opportunity to participate and to interact





IMM Cologne – Global Competence in Furniture, Interiors and Design

The city of Cologne was home to IMM from January 14th to 20th 2018. More than 1200 expositors from 50 countries presented their latest news. The attention to the event was accordingly high. The fair received 125.000 visitors from 138 countries. It is an excellent and efficient platform for the international furniture industry.

Organizers and exhibitors were very excited about the growing international character of the show and by the high quality of the professional visitors. The top 30 from worldwide furniture trading companies have attended IMM.

The IMM focuses on all subjects regarding interior and pays special attention to the future of Furniture, Interior and Living. Spectacular and inspiring scenes could be found in the new format “Pure Architects”. They have been created by expositors that mainly concentrate on the design dominated area “Pure”. Visitors were invited to experience “The House – Interiors on Stage” and “Pure Talents Contest” that both presented new ideas and visionary concepts.

The individual furniture producers showed their latest developments and it is our pleasure to share with you some most exciting news in the following:


One of the main topics of the fair was the subject of the light

Individual lamp producers showed their latest creations. Many exhibitors offer both, furniture and lamps. They presented entire living situation with perfectly adequate illumination. The result was a tribute to coziness and comfort.


Going together with today’s wish for well-being and feeling comfortable, the element of nature has become an important detail of the show. Plants are an essential contribution to modern living situation.

Storage furniture

It is hard to find a piece of storage furniture made from one single material and color. It is all about combination, setting accents, caring for details and creating a perfect harmony.



Desks we find executed in a classic way. Materials are sympathetic, colors are calm and forms are reduced. It is all about functional beauty.

Dining Tables

Many dining tables are made from solid wood and have an extremely elegant appearance. While dark and medium wood colors are still important, light wood colors are definitely back. They appear with a breath of white.


Also unicolored black tables have received higher importance and they are all executed with a mat finish.

Coffee Tables

When we check out the different types of presented coffee tables we find a rich variety of materials and executions. They are mainly arranged to set an accent to the seating furniture and to complete the design of the entire arrangement.


Picking up the possibilities that today’s materials offer, we find many arrangements of different materials and colors. The mix is interesting and sometimes even playful to add some pleasure to the living space.


Colors are receiving more and more importance. They come in strong tones with soft appearance. They are used in a careful way, setting accents and completing the style.



IMM Cologne 2018 was a highly interesting fair. Materials, colors and effects are used in a way that offers highly comfortable and stylish results. At the same time we notice high attention to function and the effort to offer a surrounding that enables the customers to relax and recreate.

The show supports young talents and special designs and offers a talent contest. The most interesting creations are exposed to public in a concentrated area.

IMM offers a guide by architects for architects with ARCHITONIC’s selection. The guide wishes in an editorial way to help to find the best exhibitors - whose products are relevant to the design of buildings and spaces - among high-end manufacturers.

The organizers of the fair offer a large variety of accompanying program. Different events are held during the fair: Speeches are held, Bloggers are supported and Designers are engaged for special projects. Public is invited to discuss and to interact.


We hope that the above is able to provide an insight into latest IMM Cologne. It would be a pleasure to discuss the details and to exchange ideas with you.

Kind regards


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