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INSERCO GmbH has specialized itself in the supply of whole production plants, machinery, spare parts, wear and consumable parts As well as the development of concepts for product optimization and the production process in new and old plants.


Due to the wide experience of INSERCO's management team and the highly qualified staff members, today we work in several countries around the world since 1984, with responsibility and performance, protecting the interests of our clients.

New Services

INSERCO extended the service with welding, repair and assembling of steel and textile belts for the wood and food industries, among others.

INSERCO GmbH has gathered a team of experts who are delighted in tending to your needs and requirements in your own language, we also have representatives in countries like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Asia and others.
We also work with some of the most advanced and modern communication technology to be able to attend our clients when it is needed.


Innovation Thanks to more than 45 years of experience with some of the leading producers and providers in the international market, INSERCO GmbH has positioned itself as a multiple concept developer for the Latin American industry, building a large database, which is placed at the disposition of our clients.

The wood sector, MDF, OSB, plywood, agglomerate board, as well as the use of the products in furniture fronts, profiles and floors and also the production and sale of impregnated paper and foils were the foundations of INSERCO GmbH and still continue to be our main activity.

The environment

We propose solutions to the customers concerns, such as filter installation, compliant with international standards for environmental protection. In case of large quantities of wood waste, we suggest recycling, to ensure maximum benefit from the raw material, and optimization of the energy balance of the industrial process. For general waste materials, we offer solutions in the field of thermal energy and co-generation.

INSERCO GmbH has extensive know-how of the environmental market, including concepts for earning CO2 credits, following the Kyoto protocol.


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