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Spare & Equipment

Wear, spare and consumable parts.

Since 1984, INSERCO GmbH has offered a replenishment of spare, wear and consumable parts as a professional after-sales service, we rely on our own engineering staff, as well as collaboration with machine manufacturers and whole production line providers has a direct distributor of a great variety of parts. INSERCO GmbH developed a "Just-in-time" concept for our overseas clients, especially in Latin America, Australia and Spain, The elaboration of concepts and solutions emphasizing in the needs of our clients has made INSERCO GmbH the most competent provider for these types of services for the Latin American wood industry.

We supply spare parts for the entire industrial production, from the plate assembly to the perfection, packaging and sending of the same, as well as for all the machines and installations used around this process. We cover the complete sector, ranging from the industrial requirements (nuts, bolts, screwes and belts) to the specific and complex mechanical and electronic parts. We do not limit ourselves to certain specific brands, we concentrate ourselves in covering the individual needs and requirements of our clients. Please contact us for more information.


New and reconditioned equipment


Thanks to the daily contact with the general industry, INSERCO GmbH is continuously informed in new and used equipments available in the market. The focus is on specific market analysis according to the customers requirements, with the development of customized concepts. We have highly qualified staff members in the fields of coordination , assembly, shipping and disassembly for all the variety of equipment that we sell.


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