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No. 32 - February


Novelties – Antibacterial Surfaces
Antibacterial coating technology
Our cooperation partner Féron is specialist for surfaces and concentrates mainly on highly performing coating and lamination.

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The Dieffenbacher Flow-Optimizer
3-D Feeding of MDP Knife Ring Flakers
Innovation for optimizing flake preparation for particleboard production

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No. 31 - September


INSERCO Industrie Service GmbH, as always we participate is fairs that our panel of producers are at most interest. Producers that add value to the industry.

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No. 30 - May


INSERCO Industrie Service GmbH. Once again present at the Formóbile fair to celebrate the new location: São Paulo Expo, Rodavia dos Imigrantes, Km 1,5 - Água Funda, São Paulo - SP, 04329-100, we invite you on July 11 and 12, from 9:00 AM - 12:00 AM to participate in the fair.

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No. 29 - February



Novelties for horizontal application Worktops and surfaces for laboratories, kitchen, offices and more

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Seasons Beginning

The year of 2018 started with two important shows. While they were taking place in the country of Germany, they found interest and attention in our worldwide industry.

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Flame retardant solutions

As part of our ambition to connect the Latin American wood-based materials industry with innovative products and forward-looking cooperation partners....
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The search for the perfect texture.

The global market is increasingly looking for panels with colours and textures that are closer to what you find in nature. In this respect, some technological advancement is needed, from printing plates with more complex textures to presses.

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No. 28 - December



Sanding Belts and Grinding Tools - For an excellent finish. .

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EvoL: Sanding EvoLution

IMEAS and INSERCO have been connected with each other through a strong and professional partnership for almost 25 years.

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No. 27 - November


From 17th to 20th January 2018, Magna Expo Mueblera will feature its two trade fairs, Magna Expo Mueblera Industrial and Magna Expo Mobiliario e Interiores, at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City. .

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B. MAIER Zerkleinerungstechnik GmbH, the company of Dieffenbacher Group, presents innovation for optimizing flake preparation.

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Woodworking processes account for around 28 % of industrial explosions making them the most dangerous in any industry in terms of frequency. In Issues 3/2016, 4/2016, 1/2017 we displayed in detail, what explosion safety in our industrial sector is about. Please find below a compressed summary of all articles.

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No. 26 - May


Wemhöner has been providing innovative systems for the finishing of wood materials for many decades. Visit us in hall 26 and explore our innovations for flexible, economic surface finishing.

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Increase of particleboard quality with less material input. The BINOS Ultra Scraper is the ideal supplement system to achieve high quality with minimum material input.

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DEUROWOOD sustainably invests by expanding manufacturing, development and logistics facilities!

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No. 24 - December


Brandenburger Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG is based in Landau in der Pfalz, Germany. The company is the leading developer and manufacturer of thermal insulation solutions for a wide range of industries and areas of application...

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IN-LINE and OFF-LINE: Monitoring dimensions and positions of drill holes and grooves. The new dimension for inline monitoring. With ColourBrain® SiZE IN-LINE, Baumer Inspection provides a fast and precise inline system for verification of all dimensions of furniture boards...

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In times of ever-faster advancements in digitalization and increasingly fragmented companies as well as the constantly rising pace of business, INSERCO is looking for the solutions that provide answers to these challenges and prepare our clients for to-day’s market...

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No. 22 - November


Over the last decades, Brazil has emerged as a strong global MDF and MDP producer. However, with the political and economic difficulties that have led to a decrease in local consumption, Brazilian MDF and MDP producers have faced a strong slowdown in growth...

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The focus of HUECK Rheinische GmbH besides sales and development of new press plate textures is also on the production and development of tailor-made press pads for various applications...

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Scheuch has worked to create a name that is respected around the world. The innovative technologies it has developed over recent years have made it a leader in environmentally-friendly ventilation and exhaust air treatment systems for industrial applications world-wide...

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No. 20 - September


Avoiding Accidents between Forklifts and Pedestrians – Warehouse technology Müller & Partner GmbH sets new standards for safety technology

Collisions between forklifts and pedestrians are always dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. Companies today reduce the latent risk of an accident by the clear separation of traffic routes, the wearing of safety vests and by equipping the forklifts with cameras and sensors...

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Aluminium Féron - Magnetic Board Foil

In order to respond to the demand of Low Pressure Lamination Industry, Féron tested the use of its Magnetic Board Foil in its laboratory by simulating the conditions of low pressure lamination....

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No. 19 - July



The modernization of wood-based panel plants is an ever more important issue for optimizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these plants. For this reason Inserco and Dieffenbacher are working together in a close partnership with their clients to find the most attractive solution...

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From East Westphalia to Ecuador: Veneering technology from KUPER

Convincing technology found its way. A prove of this is particularly how well the Heinrich KUPER GmbH & Co. and the INSERCO Industrie Service GmbH work together. The reliable, Zig-Zag veneer splicing machine KUPER FWQ 2800 has been in use in the Ecuadorian plywood industry ever since...

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No. 18 - May


Last Quotas - Register Now


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Biomass and Energy Systems


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No. 16 - March


INSERCO Cooperates with Fraunhofer WKI

To make sure its customers have access to theres techological developments and, at the same time, allow customers to promote and shape these developments...

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INSERC hereby presents Jünger+Gräter.

Wich is a modern, internationally operating company. Founded in 1936, the success story has continued since then and they consequently maintain their landing position international competition...

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Chan Carpet Cleaning System - ChainMax™

The ChainMax™ consists of a rotating cleaning unit, mounted on a carrier wagon, which travels on a beam, with rails, cross over the width of the press...

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No. 14 - December


Cermat Srl

Cermat is one of the leading companies specializing in building, rebuilding and manufacturing antiwear coatings for machine parts subject to strong wear, abrasion and corrosion...

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IMEAS - Sanding lines and integrated solutions.

For almost 50 years IMEAS has been producing wood-based panels sanding machines and surface finishing machines for stainless steel...

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Oskar Nolte GmbH - High-performance wood coating systems

Oskar Nolte GmbH - High-performance wood coating systemso is a successful leading manufacturer of high-performance wood coating systems for the furniture industry...

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No. 13 - October


Butlerfinish surface properties.Féron produces the 80 µm

"ALUDECOLUX®Butlerfinish" aluminum foil in up to ten colors and different surfaces....

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CPS+ a Big Plus for Performance and Precision.

After 25 years of CPS, Dieffenbacher has brought a completely reworked version of the successful product to the market...

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Global macroeconomic trends in Latin America.

The high economic growth rates of the 2000s evaporated...

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No. 12 - August



With about 96,000 visitors attending and 1,567 exhibitors participating from approximately 50 countries, the world’s leading trade fair for the woodworking industry was an outstanding success for all participants.

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Project Services at INSERCO

In addition to our after sales support, at INSERCO, we assist our customers in the development and implementation of projects. Read More

Press release

Developments at Dieffenbacher. Read More

No. 11 - May



For more than 10 years Deurowood supplies the global forest products industry with additives and catalysts for the production of melamine based decorative surfaces. Read more


As the largest trade show of machinery for the wood industry and its by products in Latin America, the event is always considered an important meeting ground for the generation of new ideas and technologies.

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No. 10 - February



Inserco invites to the fair FIMMA BRASIL which pass between 16th to March 20th, 2015. Read More

Wemhöner pressen

The customers enjoy flexibility, high end configurations and EIR precisiob with Wemhöner Surface Technologies. Read More

IMM Cologne 2015

The latest trends and innovations from Cologne International Furniture Fair. Read More

No. 9 - January


Steam Preheating System

PB, MDF and OSB board production. Read More

A revolutionary development in Roll Coating

We managed to find an optimun conbination of all coating parameter, particularly of the spray temperature with a special developed chromium oxide powder. Read More

Exclusively concept of Replacement Rolls

Another customer oriented innovation expands the service features of Vits Technology GmbH.
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No. 8 - September


10 points Hueck

Hueck products stand for durable quality. To guarantee this ongoing quality it´s important for Hueck to use the best raw material available for its press plates. Read More

KELZENBERG + CO & Carl KRAFFT &Söhne – The leading manufacturer for the big drums in continuous presses

Back in 1970 the first really big drums for a roller-press (today known as “Mende” or “AUMA”) were manufactured and the company to design and produce these items was KELZENBERG + CO, Düren, Germany. Read More


Results For Mobile at the Fair 2014

Last of 29 July to 1 August the 6th fair in Sao Paulo Brazil ForMóbile was held, the biggest industry fair 2014 the fair was held ForMóbile. Bringing together some of the world's leading suppliers in industrial machinery alongside great clients throughout Latin America. Read More

No. 7 - May


Biomass combustion systems in the wood based panel industry

Biomass combustion systems are an integral part of wood based panel plants. Almost every new plant is equipped with reciprocating grate-firing system. Read More

Inserco accompaniment in the event of Berndorf in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

The Austrian company Berndorf Band organized for their clients the past 4 to 6 April 2014 an event of table football in the city of Rio de Janeiro including knowing the major sights of this wonderful city and share quality time exchanging ideas with participants. Read More

First Training Center latinAmerica

Inserco GmbH is pleased to officially announce that it will have at its facility in Curitiba Brazil the first training center certificated repair and Steel Bands Berndorf. Read More

Inserco at ForMóbile

Formobile fair is one of the largest and most comprehensive trade exhibitions in Latin America. In which Inserco will be present representing several of its suppliers. From 29 July until 1 August 2014. Read More

Inserco presents to your administrator in Sao Paulo: Jefferson Jacob Pinheiro da Rocha

Career in Inserco: Jefferson started practically together witht he Inserco in Brazil in. In May 2001 he began to work with the former representative, Mr. Nikolaus Reisky. Read More


No. 6 - November


6 Tips for an effective production

The reasons that justify the existence of inventories in production plants are numerous Read More

Ralf Bergmann

Ralf Bergmann began his activity in the field of manufacture of chipboard and MDF in Latin America in 1978 in the sales department of the company Siempelkamp Read More

No. 5- September


The strategic service alliance between INSERCO y BERNDORF

Inserco Industry Service GmbH, is a great and strategic ally for Berndorf Band GmbH, giving an excellent sales and after sales service for all Latin America. Read More

VITS - Scattering device

One of this year´s highlights at LIGNA 2013 was the Vits-scattering device which enables use of corundum of different sizes to meet the abrasion resistance and anti-scratch requirements of the final customer. Read More

Protection with the System 120 BRANA Scheuch

Since 2002 it has been authorized by the Professional testing institute Company "Madeira", where Scheuch systems received the "Atex" recommendations. Read More

Camera system with high resolution

Baumer Inspection systems for automatic optical inspection are successfully installed worldwide in industry madeira plates and furniture. With over 300 equipment installed. Baumer is leading by a wide margin, Baumer systems detect minimal defects Read More

Jürgen Kelm

Inserco is proud and thanks to Jürgen Kelm Engineer, for their daily efforts to strengthen and maintain the philosophy and principles of our company. Read More

No. 4 - July

Scheuch High Availability, excellent separation.

Maximum availability, loved separation efficiency, reduced maintenance, long life with low operational costs are the criteria for the operation of ecological and economic systems of elimination of dust and gas suction and transport tires of last generation.

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No. 3 - June

Ligna results 2013

The Ligna 2013 came to an end on Friday May 10th withvery positive results in all areas.

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No. 2 - May

INSERCO is present at the LIGNA fair 2013 in Hannover Germany

The Ligna 2013 is finally here!
This year the Ligna will take place from Monday the 6th to Friday the 10th of may...

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No. 1 - March

The Evolution of INSERCO

The INSERCO brand has carefully bin modernized providing a new and renovated concept.

INSERCO is constantly evolving in all aspects, improving the quality of its service offered thru the continuous growth of its team in Latin America and Europe...

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