What we do?

At INSERCO GmbH we have our own qualified professionals who will offer a direct consultancy ranging from the purchase of a spare part up to the purchase of a whole production plant, we offer this service from Germany in your own language, INSERCO GmbH has branches around the world in places such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Korea.

We work with over 2500 producers and some subsidiaries.

INSERCO GmbH we offer a technical and technological consultancy to better utilize the costs of production of your company. Due to the diversification of capitals of our clients, we also assist other industries such as chemical, plastics, glass, mining, food and many others.


INSERCO GmbH was founded in February of 1984 by Werner Schlager, whose purpose was to offer a professional, punctual and personalized service, meaning that the needs of our clients will be attended immediately. The main idea was to build a bridge between European machinery producers and the producers of melamine boards or MDF in Latin America. The idea was not only to offer technical service, but also to elaborate a wide service taking advantage of the languages and knowledge of INSERCO's partners and associates so that these can be utilized in Latin America.


We have successfully built a bridge between German and European machine producers with Latin American pressboard and MDF producers offering a wide array of services.

Taking advantage of the knowledge and languages of our partners and associate.

In INSERCO GmbH creativity starts where standards end.



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