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Flame retardant Solutions


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As part of our ambition to connect the Latin American wood-based materials industry with innovative products and forward-looking cooperation partners, we have entered into a strategic alliance with the Belgian company Polychimique.

The extremely interesting product range of this supplier complements our efforts to produce significant value-added products that expand our customers‘ portfolio in the field of special panel applications. Please read below:

Was established in 2000, as a result of the collaboration between Dirk De Maeyer, the Wilhelm Klauditz Institute in Germany, and the BioComposites Centre at Bangor University. This led to the launch of Siriono, a unique fire retardant component.

Polychimique is infused with a passion for continuous innovation through research, science and technology. Our challenge and ambition is to continue to improve in the field of combatting fire and smoke development. Polychimique supports its customers in every branch of industry around the globe, for improved economic growth, safety and environmental responsibility.


Global leader for FR-MDF

As a market leader in our field, a long-term relationship with our customers is always our goal. We listen to your needs, get to know your business culture, and offer you our thoughts. Your vision becomes ours, as we work together to find the best solution.

Environmentally friendly

We care for the environment. All our additives are free of halogens, which is an important contribution to protecting the environment. Polychimique meets all local standards (European Standard EN 13501 Class B/C, and US Standard ASTM E84 Class 1/Class A (Steiner Tunnel Test)).

Service Oriented

Our suppliers are selected according to high quality standards, meaning we can offer you the best value for money, which is the basis of every successful and sustainable business relationship. Polychimique is also committed to flexibility, customer service and prompt deliveries. You can contact us with your questions 24/7. We go the extra mile in service.

Providing Solutions

Innovation is our philosophy. Technology and science are evolving rapidly. You can count on us to monitor the latest developments closely, and offer you the most up-to-date solutions at all times.


Our fire-retardant additives are added throughout the mass during the production of panels. The additives can take a dry or liquid form and are free of halogens. Each production line, whether it be MDF, HDF, OSB, particleboard or plywood, is different, because every product requires a specific method to achieve the correct standard of fire retardation We have the widest range of additives worldwide, so we are in the best position to meet customer requirements while respecting the environment at the same time. All our additives are completely halogen-free, and in accordance with local standards (European Standard EN 13501 Class B/C, and US Standard ASTM E84 Class 1/Class A (Steiner Tunnel Test)).

Wood – Panels – Boards

Polychimique is a market leader in the development, production and marketing of eco-friendly flame-retardant additives for timber and wood-based panels: Particle boards, MDF boards, OSB & Plywood. The method to produce a fire-retardant wood-based panel is the homogeneous mass-incorporation of our flame retardant additives during the production of the board. Our fire protection products are added in dry or liquid format during the manufacturing process. The Polychimique flame-retardants are halogen-free.

Wood is the most natural all-round building material, with numerous aesthetic and functional advantages. Unfortunately, untreated wood is highly flammable. However, with the right fire retardants, wood can offer similar fire resistance to other materials when used in roofing, walls, furniture, ceilings, etc. in a wide range of private and public applications.

– Fire-protected MDF & HDF panels: Liquid additives are added to the panel fibres during production, so panels can be manufactured at the same speed as ordinary panels.

– Fire-protected OSB panels (Oriented Strandboards): Thanks to our unique technology, FR OSB panels can be produced in high-speed continuous press systems.

– Fire-protected particleboard: Our chemicals are characterised by their adjusted particle size distribution

– Fire-protected multiplex: The veneer is impregnated with liquid fire-retardant additives using either boiler pressure (autoclave process), or a traditional immersion process. Thanks to our unique technology, there is no discolouration.

Paper – Cellulose

Untreated paper & cardboard are highly flammable, and not popular as building materials because of the safety regulations. Nevertheless, with the addition of the right additives, the following applications are suitable for use: laminate paper for fire-retardant wood panels, honeycomb inserts for doors and walls, merchandising or displays in shopping centres, supermarkets, stadiums, cinemas, etc.

Polychimique is the market leader in the development and production of fire retardant additives for all paper & cardboard applications. Fire retardation is achieved by adding our additives during the production process in conformity with the various European and international standards.

On request, we can also provide you with a detailed guideline for the production of flame retardant cellulose products based on your specific parameters. In addition, we can provide on-site support in production tests.

Natural Insulation

In order to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2020, the European construction sector is focusing on more eco-friendly materials. Cellulose-based insulation is a good example thereof. If treated with the right additives, this material can compete well with other insulation materials, such as mineral wool.

Polychimique is a leader in the development and production of boron-free flame retardant additives for all types of natural and cellulose-based thermal insulation, such as wood fibre, recycled paper tissue, etc. Our eco-friendly products are added in dry or liquid form, in accordance with European and International regulations and norms.

On request, we can also provide you with a detailed guideline for the production of flame retardant cellulose products based on your specific parameters. In addition, we can provide on-site support in production tests.

Flame retardant Solutions

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