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You never walk alone

We maintain a strong optimism for the future and have devised a plan to continue giving support to all our customers and partners. You can contact us anytime. We are at your disposal providing continuous around the clock support in every possible way.

Dear Friends and suppliers,

first of all, we hope this E-mail finds you, your families and loved ones well.

Due to the current world health difficulties that we all are living these days, all human beings are reminded of how valuable, delicate and important life and certain freedoms are, also that in many occasions we tend not to be grateful for the small things that we take for granted.

We at Inserco GmbH wish not to dwell over the difficulties that we are all experiencing at this moment, but maintain a strong optimism for a bright future, this is why the Board of Directors has devised a plan to continue giving the support that all our customers are accustomed to, while at the same time caring for the wellbeing of our most valuable asset, our employees. Our flexible working environment, cyclical home office and above all, our dedicated team work hard to maintain a constant contact with all our clients wherever they are in the world, both our internal headquarter office staff in Germany as well as our external satellite teams (Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico) communicate on a daily basis with clients, everyone from maintenance personnel to the high decision taking Directories, providing continuous around the clock support in every way possible.

In more than 36 years of experience we have learned that “the show must go on – and you never walk alone”, it is this mentality that makes us a strong partner for both clients and suppliers.

You can contact us thru our German headquarters (+49) 216293391 0 or thru mobile phone and WhatsApp anytime:

Luz Edith David de Schläger (+49) 175 3504211 and
Ralf Bergmann (+49) 171 2103314 (CEOs),
Juergen Kelm (+49) 171 7690873 Sales and purchasing Leader
Markus Hopp (+49) 171 7690871 Specialized technical Sales
Cesar Bedoya (+49) 171 7690880 Administrative Leader
Anja Grabnitzki (+49) 171 7690874 Surface and Innovation Team Leader
Franz Becke (+49) 171 7690872 Team Leader for the Andinos Region
Sven Buchloh (+49) 171 7690875 Regional Team Leader for North America, central America and Asia.
Tim Battke (+49) 171 7690876 Technical Sales for North America.

Or you can also contact our external offices in Latin America

Our offices in Latin America:

Office: (+55) 41 30441462
Monica Frizon: (+55) 41 998632800
Guilherme Hoffmann: (+55) 41 991156882
Felipe Hannemann: (+55) 41 992879992
Jefferson Rocha: (+55) 11 986892901

Arturo Riedel: (+56) 989 226815

Eduardo Ruiz: (+57) 304 534 6067

Josef Zucker: (+52) 1 6181342715

We wish you and yours all the best!

Inserco General Management

You never walk alone

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