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Neuheiten – Horizontal application


Féron produces the 80 µm „ALUDECOLUX®Butlerfinish“ aluminum foil in up to ten colors and different surfaces. The surfaces differ primarily in their abrasion and scratch resistance and, are suitable for vertical and horizontal applications according to the user’s needs . All ALUDECOLUX® foils are for indoor use only, outdoor application is not possible. Upon request, an adhesive system (primer) can be applied to the reverse of the aluminum sheets, which makes them suitable for pressing against paper impregnated with phenol and melamine resins. Therefore, all ALUDECOLUX® sheets are ideal for HPL, CPL and low pressure processing.

Graphic: Overview

When selecting the right product, the first question to answer is whether the foil will be used horizontally or vertically. For horizontal applications we recommended choosing only the worktop quality (WT). It is resistant to chemicals and furthermore, safe for direct contact with food and is certified.

For vertical applications, we recommend the cost-effective standard surface. In case you need high abrasion resistance we then suggest selecting the scrub-resistant (SR) surface type.

Generally, postforming can be performed in all surface types. However, considering the total thickness of the scratch-resistant film, postforming is not recommended for WT surfaces. These can only be postformed with a very large bending radius of at least 15 mm. The SR-quality requires only 3-4 mm.

In contrast to the standard quality, the SR and WT surface types are not suitable for embossed or textured pressings. This process can lead to breakage of the paint film due to the paint thickness.

The customer should test the material comprehensively before any processing of the foil. Hereby, the specific process conditions, the protective film characteristics and further processing steps are to be observed. A clean working environment is also essential during production.

Neuheiten – Horizontal application

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