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The search for the perfect texture.

The search for the perfect texture.

The global market is increasingly looking for panels with colours and textures that are closer to what you find in nature. In this respect, some technological advancement is needed, from printing plates with more complex textures to presses.

However, many companies neglect the specific development of paper and resins to achieve such results. In light of this, impregnated paper manufacturers are increasingly searching for formulas that can produce the most diverse patterns, from simple to more complex textures. Such dynamics in the formulas require additives which can correct deviations of various types.

This mainly comes down to catalysts. When working with simple textures, plate manufacturers are always looking to reduce pressing time, something that requires catalysts that respond promptly during pressing, that is to say, more reactive catalysts. When working with complex textures, the goal is to have a continuous flow during pressing so that the resin does not cure before the application of the necessary specific pressure and before the texture has been completely filled, in which case a more latent catalyst is required.

With its latent catalysts, Deurowood is at the forefront of the search for the perfect formula for complex textures. Recently, following a number of tests with resins and additives from different suppliers, one of our customers obtained an outstanding result with press plates in the market, which previously suffered a high rate of failure. Such patterns require truly complex printing plates and dark colour papers. Common imperfections for such pattern include white stains, bubbles and bright spots. Drying failures were also observed.

With its formula, making use of latent catalysts, high performance plasticizers and cutting-edge moisturizers, Deurowood was able to produce these patterns without significant problems.

Inserco, in partnership with Deurowood, is able to meet any market demand for the full range of paper and resins on the market, with high performance and affordable prices.

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The search for the perfect texture.

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