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Steam Preheater

PB, MDF and OSB board production

Increase of capacity achieved by a higher mat temperature which will be reached by saturated (slightly overheated) steam that is injected directly into the mat in front of the hot press.

Customer benefits
– Increase of production capacity up to 40 %

– High efficiency concerning production increase especially when producing light boards with low heat transfer in the hot press during the pressing procedure

– High reliability regarding a continuous performance of the steam preheater

– Best density profiles can be achieved by setting each track to a specified amount of steam

– Long lifetime of the mesh-belts due to less friction between the slotted steam plates

– Fast assembly and start-up due to completely preassembled top and bottom units

Technical features
– Width adjustment and low steam losses are possible by activating or deactivating different tracks on the slotted steam plates (patent applied)

– High efficiency in steam consumption due to operation with low steam losses, achieved by hydraulic thickness control (high pressing forces)

– Typical steam consumption 1 to 1.5 t/h

– High reliability and long lifetime of the mesh-belts due to a special driven belt roller and belt tensioning system with high torque and minimum belt tension

– No condensation spots on the board surfaces achieved by a patented preheating system for the mesh-belts

– Highly wear-resistant ceramic-coated slotted steam plates minimize friction

– Required length 5 to 6.5 m replacing transfer belt

Facts about Heating and Pressing glued Wood
– Glue needs high temperature to harden and to provide good board properties

– The press heats up the board from top and bottom, trying to bring the temperature also to the glue within the board’s center – this needs certain time (“press factor”)

– Wood is an insulating material, i.e. for the press it is difficult to bring its heat into the board’s centre (thus, thick boards are more difficult to be heated through than thin boards)

Board properties as a result of Heating and Pressing depend on amount of glue, press time, temperature degree. To improve the result you need to either:

– Increase glue volume (which will raise the cost dramatically)

– Increase press time by slowing down the line speed (which will decrease output)

– Increase mat temperature before entering the press (slight cost increase, only)

Conclusion: While keeping your good board properties you can increase your output by increasing the line speed. This is possible by increasing mat temperature before the press.
Why mat preheating systems? Your benefits:

– Efficiency increase of your line with variable board products


As long as only the press is the bottleneck, and adequate preheater model provided, this increase can be achieved.

DIEFFENBACHER Steam Preheating System
DIEFFENBACHER has longest experience in mat preheating, especially steam preheating systems

Technology used is best available – adapted for different customer requirements

Several units sold worldwide: North America (Ainsworth Footner), China (Kangxin) and Europe (Nolte Germany, Novopan Denmark)

Latest order: Tscherepovets, Russia – installation planned for June 2015

Steam Preheater System Benefits at a glance

– Increase of productivity

– Low maintenance and low downtime

– Very good steam efficiency

– Fast assembly and start-up

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