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ColourBrain® SiZE for Furniture Industry

ColourBrain® SiZE for Furniture Industry
IN-LINE and OFF-LINE: Monitoring dimensions and positions of drill holes and grooves.

Con el nuevo sistema ColourBrain® SiZe, la compañía Baumer, socia de INSERCO desde hace muchos años, ofrece un sistema que fija nuevos estándares para la inspección óptica y automática en la producción de muebles.

The new dimension for inline monitoring.

With ColourBrain® SiZE IN-LINE, Baumer Inspection provides a fast and precise inline system for verification of all dimensions of furniture boards.

Fast and precise

• Inline monitoring and grading of dimensions at high production cycles.
• CAM SiZE camera sensors with optimized pre-processing and high sampling frequencies for measurement at high speed transportation.
• Inspection in serial production or at production lines for batch size one: within milliseconds the ColourBrain® SiZE system adapts to all recipes.

• A modular design of trigger sensors, high resolution CAM SiZE camera sensors and high precision laser scanners enables ColourBrain® SiZE for multiple applications.
• Basic system for verification of length, width and squareness.
• Medición fiable para toda variedad de colores, decoraciones y estructuras.
• Optional modules to monitor positions of drill holes and grooves, thickness and deformation.

• CAM SiZE laserline camera sensors provide precise measurements, even for non-edged particle boards.
• Automatic adaption to all different decors and sizes.
• Reliable measurement for all variety of colours, decors and structures.
• Integrated calibration for verification of size and position with high reliability
The new dimension for offline measurement
With ColourBrain® SiZE OFF-LINE, Baumer Inspection provides an efficient and high precision measurement, digitalizing and free scanning system.


• Modular multi camera laser system with highest resolution.
• Import of all pr oduct relevant information in different data formats.
• Check of all panel values: length, width, thickness, squareness, drill holes and grooves.
• Optical resolution 0.1 mm.
• Precision of all measurements ± 0.25 mm.


• Position and diameter of all drill holes.
• Position and shape of all millings.
• Depth of drill holes.
• Check of drill holes on furniture edge.
• Check of all tolerances.
• Check of completeness or absence of programmed drill holes.
• Check of circularity of drill holes


• Free scanning for the acquisition of drill hole paterns as well as all dimensions of the scanned panel without having CAD data or a reference program.
• Pre-processor and interface to Colour-Brain® SiZE IN-LINE.
• Size and drill hole pattern converter for CAD and CAM data.

IN-LINE: Monitoring board dimensions

ColourBrain® SiZE IN-LINE is monitoring dimension and positions of drill holes of furniture boards in the production line. Verification of length and width is determined by 5 high precision CAM SiZE camera sensors. A laser scanner monitors drill holes, grooves and thickness seamless over the width.

OFF-LINE: Measurement and digitizing.

The OFF-LINE systems scans a workpiece and generates the gathered information into CAD data which then will be used by the IN-LINE systems to monitor the live production process. One OFF-LINE system provides the data for all installed IN-LINE systems.

ColourBrain® SiZE is designed modular. The inline system monitors all dimensions of boards with high speed. The offline systems measures and digitizes for conversion in CAD data

• Digitizing a furniture board generates automatically all data needed for the IN-LINE system.
• Offline measurement, including depth of drill holes, safeguards perfect adjustment and setting of production machines.
• One OFF-LINE system at a site can supply multiple production monitoring lines with information required.

ColourBrain® SiZE IN-LINE: The modular system.
ColourBrain® SiZE IN-LINE is a modular system and could be easily integrated in all production lines

Cost reduction through scaling the application.

Zusammen mit Baumer möchte INSERCO ihnen die Vorteile und Einsatzmöglichkeiten diesen Systems näher bringen

ColourBrain® SiZE for Furniture Industry

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