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Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

Tear-resistant solutions.

The cellulose and paper industry is a growth market and industry with a very long tradition. Due to our own history, we are closely linked to this industry, along the entire value chain, from raw material to fiber to finished product.

We offer innovative solutions for all forms of market changes in this industry through individual concepts, for example for power generation or water treatment, for explosion protection and above all for the parts management, which is legendary on several continents, for the reliable procurement of spare parts from Europe.

It goes without saying that Inserco is prepared for the digital procurement market.

Another segment is individual and turnkey evaporation plants with innovative technology for the concentration of waste alkalis (mainly sulfate black alkalis or sulfite white alkalis) in pulp production. This enables the recoverable contents of the alkalis to be recovered, increases the efficiency and operational reliability of pulp production, and – increasingly important – saves energy. Cookers and accessories such as filling and spraying equipment are also part of the portfolio.