INSERCO Industrie Service GmbH , Kränkelsweg 25, 41748 Viersen


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INSERCO Unternehmen


We stand for the best in wood processing – 50 YEARS AND COUNTING.

In the beginning, there was one man with vision, passion and committed with innovation and service, a global operating company was born.

When Werner Schläger the entrepreneur founded INSERCO Industrie Service GmbH in Viersen in 1984 together with his wife, Luz Edith Schläger, he laid the foundations for a professionally organized, fast and personalized service fulfilling all customers industrial needs relating to machines and spare parts for all fields of the wood industry.

This not only included technical services, but also a customer- specific service in order to form a network of German and European mechanical engineering companies and manufacturers of wood materials in the Spanish and Portuguese language speaking regions. In 1989, Ralf Bergmann joined the corporation in order to continue the company‘s philosophy and to expand it with his experience and knowledge of the market and technology.

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