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Glass & Plastic

INSERCO - Glas & Plastik

Glass & Plastic

Realizing your visions

Be it in either flat, formed, security or isolated glass whether in plastics such as polymers, thermosets and duroplast as well as chemical fibers; for their production, Further processing and the various applications that are used in plants, machines and parts, where a lot of know-how and good procurement management is required.

Over the past five decades Inserco has positioned itself as an international market leader in the industrial spare and wear part market for European machinery as well as for the planning and constructing of integrated production plants. Our specialization lies in an unparalleled range of spare and wear parts, Access to thousands of parts manufacturers and an international, multi-lingual team with technical understanding of industrial equipment and related expertise in shipping and logistics.

This service provider know-how with European roots, a continuously growing team of markets specialists, is only a part of what we offer our customers day after day. We are your European service partner.