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Spares & wear parts

Spare parts

We provide our customers with access to the original manufacturers and sub-suppliers of the required parts, and to improved financial terms for purchase of these parts from Europe. This service comes with a professional logistics concept, proven over decades that is continually adapted to and developed for market demands. We also enable the delivery of discontinued series; both new and refurbished – original parts, of course.

Consumable parts and commodities

The same applies for the acquisition of consumable parts and   commodities, which are frequently offered across industries. Products such as insulation material, industrial knives, sanding and conveyor belts and refractory material for combustion chambers thus play a large role in the portfolio of Inserco and its partner companies. Furthermore, we also offer industry-specific products such as chemicals, decorative papers, laquers and textured plates.

Inserco not only simply sources parts, but also collaborates closely with customers to offer compatible successor models and process-optimized solutions. In this way, we grant our customers access to the German and European quality product and procurement market – permanently.