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Spares & wear parts

INSERCO - Energie & Recycling

WE’LL FIND THE RIGHT SPARE PART FOR YOU – from a selection of 57 million.

You could call some of our employees Sherlock Holmes. Sometimes they receive urgent but incomplete requests about specific spare parts for our customers‘ machines.

With selective queries for device number, generation and function,  as well as detailed detective work, they ultimately track down the desired part from a vast number of items – often within just one day. With our comprehensive portfolio, digitized processes and access to suitable suppliers, we can deliver even uncommon parts on time or have them produced in accordance with your drawings.

The results are worth the effort: the functionality of production plants and machines is ensured, production is maintained as a result and expensive downtime is prevented. This has already yielded many long-term, trustworthy relationships with our customers and partners – along with some praise and letters of appreciation.


  • Consumable parts for Chippers, flakers and mills
  • Consumable parts for refiners
  • Forming & process belts
  • Transport & process plates
  • Heating plates
  • Stainless steel belts
  • Insulation material
  • Saw blades
  • Sanding belts
  • Sanding shoe systems
  • Additives for impregnation
  • Decorative papers
  • Decorative aluminum foils
  • Textured press plates & pads
  • Cylinders & rollers
  • Refractory material



Pumps and valves for mineral thermal and water hydraulics, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic assemblies and filter systems, …


Valves, cylinders, filters, compressed air preparation, compressors, …

Drive technology

Electric, gear and servo motors, linear drives, transmissions, brakes, frequency converters, …


Proximity and limit switches, position sensors, encoders, level sensors, temperature and pressure gauges, …

Control technology

PLC components, CPUs, control panels and devices, control cabinets, …


Pumps, valves and flaps for conveying thermal oil, process water and other fluids, … Conveyor belts and hoists for piece and bulk goods, … Pneumatic conveyance, high pressure transport, silo technology, …

Technical documentation and maintenance manuals

Predictive maintenance equipment

Overhauls and repairs for pumps, motors, electronic assemblies and cards, hydraulic cylinders and valves…