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Business fields


Today, we set trends and standards in motion. Whether it comes to reliably implementing an industrial project, installing a more efficient gluing system, integrating a new filter system, designing MDF panels with innovative laminate surfaces for kitchen furniture, repairing a stainless steel belt, optimizing the power supply, delivering original spare parts, individual machines and components or providing professional maintenance service – we are there, whenever and wherever we are needed.

After all, there is a reason why our name INSERCO stands for the three things: Innovation, Service and Coordination. It also stands for three business segments: the sale of production plants, spare parts and consumable materials from 2,500 business partners; plant design, installation and maintenance; and consulting for surfaces, environment and processes.

Technology, machine and plant design.
Innovation, service, coordination.
Spare parts, consumables, maintenance, modernisation.

But regardless of where you need us: we push forward, lead the way, analyse and improve, test and innovate. With passion, commitment, a high level of technical expertise and a deep understanding of technological context. Always side by side with our valued and oftentimes longstanding customers and partners, all around the world. Our creativity begins where standards end.

We are the market leader in after-sales service among wood material manufacturers in Latin America today, and have long been successful on other continents, as well. When it comes to melamine surfaces, we have even achieved a market share of 80% in Latin America. And in doing so, we have always remained true to our roots.