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Design and surface finishing

INSERCO Deko & Design

OSB – highest added value
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Plywood – The next generation
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Textures – Modern and Varied
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Digital Printing – Technology of the future
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Metal Laminates – for highest demands
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Expert Talk
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Design and surface finishing

We aren’t just experts when it comes to wood processing and wood based panels, we also know exactly what we are doing in the  developing and technological transformation of surfaces in contemporary, new designs. Give us a challenge and see how creative we can be – it’s worth it.

We go in depth to shine on the surface.

Surface finishing has played an important role since the beginnings of our work. We satisfy the diverse demands of the markets for surfaces, including with creations following nature‘s example. Wood decor, stone or concrete reproductions, metal or coated surfaces are subject to continuous design and technological transformation.

We combine the technological know-how of the respective market leaders with decorative trends. Our knowledge ranges from printed paper, impregnation, pressing, embossing and printing processes, coating processes to digital printing and high quality stainless steel foils.

INSERCO Lackieranlage

Together with our cooperative partners, we work for the continuous advancement of new products, such as double-sided synchronous pores, specialized gloss grades such as Heliochrom®, Lunachrom®, Variochrom® and Stratochrom®, as well as deep structures and suitable resin technology in the melamine process. We also drive digital printing on paper and plate forward, as well as the latest coating technologies, from high gloss to deep matte surfaces.

Our customers appreciate this product diversity and the process reliability we provide, as essential added value. The sale of cubic meters of raw panels is thereby transformed into square meters of high quality surfaces. Inserco supports its customers in this value added process.