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From the smallest screw to the largest plant – we master every challenge.

Even before we take action for you, our corporate values create the necessary foundation for an excellent and trustworthy collaboration. We have also defined a few qualities, rules and principles for mutual cooperation in the service of our customers. This is the only way to manage agreements in which all participants profit. It‘s also the only way to create long-term partnerships in which everyone involved is always on equal grounds.

Integrated thinking

We see the big picture in everything that we do. We prefer to consider a spare part in the context of its environment in the overall plant in which it is installed and where it is used. We think systemically, not in isolation; we think outside the box and have a broad horizon.

Friendly cooperation

We cooperate with each other amicably because we know that a good business climate is the most productive for all participants. It also corresponds with our basic principles of sustainability that we prefer to rely on long-term rather than short-lived relationships.

International presence

Inserco is at home around the entire world. In addition to our headquarter in Germany and our strong presence in Latin America, with subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, we are also there for you in North America, Asia and Australia. Wherever you are planning your project, we are happy to be your contact partner.

Meeting on equal grounds

Our partners appreciate us because we don‘t make ourselves out to be more important than we are, but our expertise and experience are convincing nonetheless. This leads to productive dialog on equal ground – and to constructive outcomes driven by partnership.

Consulting expertise

Those without knowledge cannot impart it. The demands we place on ourselves are at least as high as the expectations our customers have of us and our know-how, which we continually update in trainings and partnerships.

Solution orientation

A service is a good one when it helps the customer to promptly solve their problem or to master their challenge in the best possible way. That‘s why we always try to avoid as many unnecessary diversions in the processes and the time-critical sourcing of spare parts as possible.


Every assignment is unique. As a result, being spontaneous and having a talent for improvisation are sometimes part of the job. Just like the flexibility to develop new solutions and availabilities.

Language of the customer

One of Inserco‘s greatest strengths is the communication of our employees with their business partners in their native languages. We speak and understand the language of our customers everywhere, particularly in the Latin American region. However, thanks to our deep-seated understanding of the industry, we also know what they mean, in a broader sense.

Active environmental protection

As a company in the raw materials processing industry, we are very aware of our responsibility towards environmental protection and sustainability. Therefore, we will continue to pursue and advance exciting new future-oriented topics such as fast-growing wood species or wood substitute materials including bagasse and waste wood, as well as glue saving solutions, environmental technology, recycling and energy management.

Social responsibility

Alongside our active approach to environmental protection, our commitment to sustainability is also underlined by our care for others. After all, successful partnerships go hand in hand with social responsibility. Therefore, we are engaged in social welfare projects in numerous countries in Latin America where we do business and where we owe the people and employees a lot. This includes earthquake aid in Ecuador, the Christian Blind Mission for children in Brazil and support for the education system for people in Guatemala and Chile. In this way we can give a little bit back of what we get from these people every day in terms of hard work and goodwill.

Innovations are in demand: in methods, materials, manpower and markets.

Those who cease to improve, also cease to be good. Following this motto, we don’t wait for progress. We define it. We make sure our employees are fit for the future with continuous professional development, intensive training and seminars. We don‘t want to impart our expertise only where wood is processed. We want to apply our creativity everywhere. We want to identify new customer needs across industries and serve them with innovative products and concepts. This will enable us to do big things in the future.