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Innovative Warehouse Management Solutions


Recently Inserco started the cooperation with SEP Logistik AG, to introduce innovative warehouse management solutions tailored to the particular needs of our Wood-based panel industry customers, enabling shorter storage times and faster reliable further loading resulting in a reduction of logistics costs.

Intralogistics software for the wood industry

React to the challenges of tomorrow, today!

The world of logistics revolves around time and cost efficiency.
Meanwhile, manufacturers in the wood industry are experiencing an enormous increase in logistics-based challenges and expenses!
Cost efficiency and reliable deliveries are the decisive factor in getting a competitive edge.

You can now work with SEP Logistik AG’s tried-and-tested processes and solutions from the wood industry, letting you process orders as quickly and efficiently as possible and achieve 100% transparency in your material flow.

Your customers will receive instant feedback about their requests and open orders. Reduce your logistics costs with our intelligent, modular RELAG-System®.


As a software hub for intralogistics, SEP Logistik AG organises the distribution of over 1.25 million pallets worldwide every day.
Building on decades of experience, we offer cutting-edge software solutions for warehouse management systems, forklift guide systems, AGV control systems, order picking, material flow control and much more.


Over 20 years of experience in the wood industry

INSERCO is pleased to work with SEP Logistik to bring bespoke software solutions for the wood processing industry to Latin America.

With decades of experience working with prominent European wood manufacturers, SEP Logistik AG stands for quality and reliability.
Digitalise your factory and warehouse processes and use our expertise to achieve more time and cost efficiency in your logistics!

Your advantages:

  • Over 20 years of experience in the wood industry
  • Modular, hardware-independent integration in IT systems
  • Detailed KPI dashboards
  • Automatic identification of goods without scanning (and without RFID)
  • 24/7 service support
    And much more

Visualisation example: Actual warehouse goods (left) with corresponding 3D visualisation (right)


The smart forklift

The RELAG-System® – SLS, SEP Logistik AG’s forklift guide system, organises the assignment and execution of all internal transport orders for many forklift types. The system precisely tracks forklifts in real time, enabling the precise monitoring of product flow in the warehouse, with complete automation and without the need for scanning.

Fitted with cutting-edge sensor technology, each and every vehicle becomes your eyes and ears on the ground.
The new 3D visualisation of the forklift guide system simplifies intralogistics processes by realistically depicting all warehouse goods with their actual shapes as well as the containers and pallets they are loaded onto.

Thanks to the virtual warehouse visualisation system, you get a flexible, realistic, real-time overview of all incoming and outgoing goods as well as a redistribution of goods throughout the warehouse.
Forklift assignments are optimally distributed across your fleet. You will completely eliminate incorrect loading and long search times.

The RELAG-System® – SLS can be used either as a complete solution or be integrated into an existing warehouse management system as an independent subsystem.

Work with the world’s most advanced software and most consistent 3D visualisation technology in the logistics industry

INSERCO will gladly provide you with more information about applications that improve your warehouse management and reduce your storage times and logistics costs.

We cordially invite you to share with us your layouts, sketches, photos or short description of your current storage situation. It will be our pleasure to find solution for your individual needs and wishes.

We are very happy to assist you to find the perfect warehouse management solution for your particular needs. Please feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Innovative Warehouse Management Solutions

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