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Inserco is very excited to inform that our colaboration with the world wide leading Specialist of textured press plates, Hueck Rheinische GmbH, is going into the next level.

Hueck is well known for its reliable highest quality standard and for its extra-ordinary competences for application technology. The special feeling for remarkable design results will now be extended to the development of designsfor prints.

The new activities for design development will be concentrated on the new
company Hueck Design.

These activities will grant a solution from one only hand for all developments for synchronized products. Print and texture will have one single source.

The separations from Hueck Design do not have any limits as they can also
be used for the printing of any paper or film and even direct printing of any type of panel can be done with these designs.

We are pleased to introduce the according information from Hueck in the following and would be glad in case they find your interest.

HUECK Design is an independent Design Studio for the woodworking industry.

  • We are offering the following services to the market
  • Creating own designs for furniture and flooring industry
  • Creating designs on customers demand
  • Colour separations for the rotogravure decor printers
  • Colour separations for the digital decor printing industry
  • Developement of embossing data

The most important advantage of using the service of HUECK Design will be, especially on EIR (embosed in register) projects, to shorten development times, when decor and press plate can be developed together by one supplier.

Wide choice of designs

We hope this information is able to give you an idea of the numerous
options that are open for any further activities for product development.

As Inserco is the exclusive Partner of Hueck in Latin America, we
would be very glad to discuss your ideas and needs in closer detail.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are at your disposal for any detail.

Kind regards
Anja Grabnitzki

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