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Novelties – Antibacterial Surfaces
Antibacterial coating technology

Our cooperation partner Féron is specialist for surfaces and concentrates mainly on highly performing coating and lamination.

Inserco is very pleased that Féron Decor has recently enlarged its delivery program in a remarkable way. New coating technologies and processing methods grant surfaces that are resistant against scratches and chemical substances, have an antibacterial effect and are food safe. A large number of products from the new generation are therefore not only suitable for horizontal applications like tables and worktops and they are additionally equipped with long lasting antibacterial properties.

Not a single day passes by that we are not exposed to pathogenic germs and bacteria. Multi-resistant germs in particular are hitting the headlines almost every day. Preventing these germs and bacteria from surviving and spreading is currently a paramount social challenge in terms of public health.

Today, innovative coating technology – without nano-silver – enables Féron to add a lasting antibacterial characteristic to scrub- and scratch-resistant surfaces. Compliant with international standards (JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196:2011), the applied coating layer is proven to reduce more than 99.9 % of existing bacterial species such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and resistant MRSA within 24 hours. Thus, one achieves a measurably higher standard of hygiene and reduces unpleasant odors caused by bacteria. This is important not only for health-care facilities, but almost all surfaces where bacteria accumulate and from which they are passed on are on focus: public buildings, schools, kindergartens, means of transport, offices and workplaces, furniture, work surfaces, grips, handles, and many more.

The aluminum foils can be provided with a backside primer and therefore are easy to use for HPL, CDL and LPL process. They are available in sheets and rolls with a width up to 1.350 mm for the scratch resistant execution and 1.370 mm for the scrub resistant quality. In addition to the available standard colors of silver and stainless steel also other colors can be realized on demand.

With below table we like you to receive an overview on the performance range of the relatively new product line. They all base on the well-known ALUDECOLUX ® Butlerfinish 80 µm. They are not only antibacterial and scrub resistant but also stain resistant.

Quality „SR AB“ is equipped with a highly performing scratch resistant. It is the ideal choice for vertical application.

Quality “HA AB” comes with an effective scratch resistance and is applicable for horizontal application.

These high performing aluminum foils with antibacterial effect respond to all requirements for antibacterial surroundings. This technology is of course no replacement for good health care and cleaning. The product does not protect from disease, caused by bacteria, germs, viruses or other harmful organism.

Be inspired by the beauty of natural aluminum and the strong performance of the new coating systems. We will be very pleased to be at your services for all aspects and details of use. It will be our pleasure to exchange ideas with you. Please write to:



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