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Our Specialists, Your Advantages

We are very glad to welcome a new member to the Inserco team, Mr. Eduardo Ruiz.

He has a lot of experience from responsible positions in the industrie and deep knowledge of the necessities and requirements of our customers. We are very happy that we were able to win him over. It will be a great asset to us in our daily work and in our projects.

When Ecuardo started working for us, he went through several weeks of training to get to know us and our activities and cooperation partners better.

After the training weeks there followed an intensive trip to our customers in his new area of activity. Eduardo was accompanied on his first trip for Inserco by our long-time and extremely experienced specialist Franz Becke, our Team Leader of the Andean Region.

Franz and Eduardo went on a journey of several weeks together to our customers in the Andes region and thus completed introduction to our business friends and customers successfully.

Eduardo is situated now in Bogotá/Colombia and thus is close to our customers and partners.

Let us please share with you what he has to say by himself:

It is a great pleasure for me to join the Inserco Team, a company with which I worked a long time as a client and now I am proudly part of the team. I am a Mechanical Engineer, specialist in Plant Management and I have developed my professional career for 15 years in the Wood Panels industry. I come to Inserco with the expectation of contributing my skills, knowledge and experiences in the sector of wood transformation, asset management and engineering projects, to all our clients in the Andean Region and Central America, seeking to provide them in the delivering agile, effective and innovative solutions to your needs.

We are Inserco, we are Innovation, Service and Coordination.

Eduardo Ruiz Pico

We wish Eduardo all the best for his future activities in our Inserco family. Please welcome him together with us.

Sincerely yours
Luz Edith Schläger & Ralf Bergmann

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Our Specialists, Your Advantages

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